The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the forge where sound is forged

for ge t her s elf ho mer i stem at ion iz at ion
vul can div ide a part it ion iz at ion
un til lage r espond ent er ring
who se cant i cl e vert i go to me an in gland
tri al an kin dread spur thro ugh

forget herself homer meristemation ionization
vulcan divide apart a partition ionizatoin
until lager repsondent entering erring
whose secant canticle evert vertigo tome meaning gland
trial alan kindread dreads spurt through spur thro ugh

forge elves homer i stem ion
vulcan divide a part ion
until respondent erring ringer who canticle vertigo
to me meaning land
trial kind read spurt through spur ugh

forge o homer is on vulcan divide
until deterring o ringer vertigo
o me meaning o land ugh oh
trial through ugh oh

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