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March 22, 2015

for threnody for the dead in us

for the dead i am not fir chasm guqin
for the dead i am not cliff stream guqin
for the threnody of the dead i am not cliff chasm
for the threnody of the dead i am not fir stream
for the threnody of the dead i am not guqin
for the threnody of the dead
i am not among you
nor am i human nor dead
nor am i among you i am among you
qin, recorded stereo, nearby the two soundholes
where what lives

& this is quick-qin, maybe early flow music qin
arpeggios, lakeshores and landing strips
warding off every evil in the world, e-veil

using muto, audacity, audition

Threnody for myself

Another Avatar Woman review (from England) - (scroll down)

I'm afraid my ability to play will give out; what if I
have a stroke or heart attack? So I'm hurrying, working
on the next album which stresses technique and speed in
relation to mourning and unredeemable death. Many of
these instruments have traveled with me; here they are.
Contrary to the review above, I've released something
like ten cds/albums/cassettes at least; they tend to
disappear, I don't. I think through thought, in music
and without music; for me, these are more than pieces;
they're something else, indefinable, they rescue me for
other work, the virtual work for example. For what it's
worth, I don't think of myself as a cyberspace theorist,
but as a shape-shifter, if shape there be; it's thinking
and thinking through. Scroll all the way down for the

(And whatever you do, don't tell me I'm old; I've had
enough ageism recently to last for several lifetimes.)

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