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March 24, 2015

Erhu * erhu

Replaced the violin piece by an erhu piece, same
address. 1. It's more adventuresome. 2. It sounds
better. 3. It was difficult. 4. Around 30 seconds
you can hear a motorcycle. 5. The ending has an
interesting bow slippage. 6. It's an erhu!!!

We just set up a more reasonable configuration
for the Motu and computer; the erhu sounds travel
into the ultrasonic which made it hard for the
lavalier to work well; instead I duplicated the
instrument mic. In the meantime, playing is
compounded by my tinnitus, which creates beats/
interference patterns; my ear-dreaming, phantom
hearing, takes over and the result is strange; I
have to play through and above/below what I hear,
which is not entirely coming from the instrument.
The next beat of my heart might be mirrored in
the madal, but not here. In any case, I think the
piece is quite good, worthy of hearing, rushed,
running wild at the limit of my physical/musical
capabilities. [...]

* erhu in foreground, sarangi, ghichak, and
suroz behind. The sarangi is now owned by
Stephen Dydo; the ghichak and suroz will be
going to the National Music Museum in South
Dakota. [...]

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