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March 28, 2015

the simplest system of improvisation Dickinson house

Henry Gunckel simple systen clarinet, mid-19th century
with Luke Damrosch revrev and convolution programs.

meanwhile the clarinet has a crack that needs to be filled,
an afternoon project sometime after the chemistry arrives.
it's been a difficult day but we went about our ordinary

the clarinet has five unringed holes, everything for slurs,
odd intervals, glissandos; technically it's a 13-key
instrument before the HP/LP designations, high pitch / low
pitch. this is not the standard or full Albert system, but
as its description suggests, simpler, with the forked F
(relative to the standard pitch) fingering that's a real
nuisance. the tone is somewhere among bagpipe, duduk, folk
clarinets in general, and very easy to modify.

all of this will stop after the recording sessions in May.
I know now this is a material for talking to myself about
sound that I hear below the tinnitus and that it is a good
sound and I will make it and retire into a virtual world
with this sound and it will be there with me.

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