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March 31, 2015

17 years ago

they are dead & in body bags
Nikuko rings the bell

Emotion / Online:
Almost every space signs sexuality and community.
Difference between emotion and affect:
                Space and language always intentional
                 (think of the ideology and purport of mathematical style)
                Affective space transformed into sutured space:
                  Construct of virtual subject of consumptions
                  (Internet World 98)
Signifiers: Emotion/Body (Thing):
                carried objects in MOO / MUD
                gift objects in MOO / MUD
Signifers: Emotion/Body (Process: Writing)
                ytalk divisions
                : or @emote or .e
                pre-packaged actions (smile, kick)
                  (Hokusai character on Kyoto)
                _scrolling_ interspersions
                dispersions of different identities

Some Processes:
                ascii unconscious control/release (net sex)
                projection / introjection
                  constitutive embodiment
                performative languaging / constituting
                defuge (decathecting / exhaustion / abjection)
                wryting the body
Some Flows:
                virtual subjectivities
                saying, writing, threading
                narcissism and echo
                abandoned sites, MOO buildings
                firewalls and private IRC channels, talkers
Dread:	       signing on - relation to flamewar, etc.
Support:       support groups, bottom-up medical, identifications
                Walkers in Darkness
                digital eternity
                  outmoding of formats, market structures
                analog temporality
                  outmoding, noise
                death of a home page
                death of an avatar (abandonment, body bag, recycling)
                death of an email address
                offline death, online death
*** Connected ***
an intense clearing, city-basin, distant humans, everywhere visible...
You see snow, Luminous Sign, and the City of Wind here.
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Hokusai kick higher into the air than safety would allow!
Hokusai kicks you? Hardly! But it's always in his thoughts!
Hokusai heartily moves upward and downward on the same spot and fast!
Hokusai kisses everyone, remembering safe sex, and the kindness of
I see no "Hukusai" here.
Hokusai kisses you sweetly but intensely, and the MOO holds its
Hokusai laughs infectiously and everyone desires to join in!
Hokusai laughs with you!
Hokusai sings charmingly about life beneath the ceramic tiles of the
  old country
Hokusai yells OH OH OH OH  ArghhH!
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You see nothing special.
You see empty here.
empty laughs!
empty is jumping up and down!
empty leaves the stadium!
empty's shoes fall off his head!
:leaves the stadium!
::'s shoes fall off his head!
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<Nikuko> Hi there!
* Nikuko rings a deep bell!
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