The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 6, 2015

spectacle of labor

we have been worrying about the world, and the .wav file needed
the higher frequencies originally produced from a folk
shakuhachi, the .mp3 file is the di giorgio classical guitar, i
find myself furious with myself and therefore try to reach the
limits of the instruments, the folk shakuhachi modified by hiss
reduction and revrev, the guitar, a flamenco guitar, has
surround sound added, i will calm myself playing in a large
auditorium, spectacle because ascent and descent, assent and
dissident, assonance, dissonance and descendents

(one thing might be of interest here - the form of improvisation
i work with - moving between D and E major and minors, bass
drones or parallels, quick transformations between styles
carrying the traces of tune, thick 'jazz' and power chords,
flamenco minors, etc. i've wanted to write on this, but doubt
anyone would be interested further. the music holds up, though,
and the .wav file continues an exploration of thinned-out
tonalities, cutting through histories of music.)

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