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April 7, 2015

buki jinashi shakuhachi jiari shakuhachi

playing inward, playing outward

jinashi, natural bore, i can't begin to write into or through
this. but the bamboo speaks, one inhabits the bamboo, buki1,
playing for me, inward :: jiari, modern tuned bore, wider,
precise, i think of this as an instrument, the sound a visitor
or visitation, it's here that i'd take my distance.

i can't play either of them, they relax me, i am capable of calm
thought, thinking through sound, and somewhere between the two
of them my own music, sonic architecture, lies, the uncanny body
of the player and instrument, the porous membrance of world and
organism, entangled, of no substance, nothing tangled, nothing
untangled, certainly nothing clear breath, modes among them

i think constantly of these modes, as i see them, jinashi-jiari,
and since my voice cannot carry a tune, in my sleep, among the
dream-hall, un-dream-screen (why always so visual), emergent,
these sounds, smeared, coughed among others, inward breath,
outward breathing, something gathering, hakuin, something,
but certainly not music

thanks to monte levenson and perry yung for their brilliant work
(levenson's shakuhachi, yung's reconditioning)

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