The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 20, 2015


the occurrence of something happening
disappearance of that happening
gullies and plains and always flight
edge of void and water drought
the line of flight and missouri meander
space of its beginning
growth from point and apex to some similar volume
the volume and cessation

"from Lafayette, Indiana, to Omaha, Nebraska a stormfront in
Omaha, Nebraska - the first and only time I've seen a forgetting
the canyons or the thickened grass nebraska because poetry
eyedrum presentation lecture nebraska omaha two lectures kansas
crash somewhere outside nebraska before kansas after utah below
montana to nebraska"

occurrence of the sound held back
occurrence of the sound drift
occurrence of the transform sound and music
occurrence of music

paint cracks in Jo Baer painting, Nebraska, NE
train, Nebraska, NE

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