The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 22, 2015

Delivering Missouri

the instruments delivered to the National Music Museum
in Vermillion, South Dakota; we donated these unique and
delicate objects, and it was wonderful to sense the
humidity/temperature controlled environment, necessary
for their preservation.

a few days ago, by the banks of the wandering, sinuous,
sandbanked, debris-gathering, Missouri River, with signs
of the encroaching rigidity of civilization and
parceling out the rigor of surveying and flood control

we were traveling at 70 mph, well below the speed limit,
a grackle started to fly into the car, I braked, the
bird hit on the left rounded hood surface, the sound was
terrible, the first time for me, the bird disappeared,
no trace, perhaps stunned somewhere, perhaps flown off,
perhaps broken

the cars don't belong on the road

their encroaching rigidity

we brought the instruments to the National Music Museum
in Vermillion, South Dakota

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