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Betty Ford, Martha Graham, Ford Birthplace, Prairie Harmonica

We're a block from the Gerald Ford Birthplace,
Betty Ford Danced with Martha Graham, perhaps
there's a photograph in my Barbara Morgan book?
These images are from the birthplace and park.
I think about the prairie and Lee Murray has
given me an old 10-hole Hohner Chromonica in G
and I make believe I am a prairie.

I recognize this will stop soon enough when we
return to dark and medieval Providence where
the streets are paved.

Johannes Birringer and I are next to each other
in the forthcoming issue of VLAK.

I forgot to mention the streets are paved here
in Omaha, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. And
today I came close to another episode of
depression. I exist by rereading Hermann Weyl's
Symmetry with the full hope I turn back again.

I cannot imagine a man.

And Betty Ford? She's marvelous.

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