The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 2, 2015

west virginia cemetery hill traffic

cars going up the hill between the cemetery and the
neighborhood, early morning, some birds, cars going
the distance or around the distance, birds singing,
other cars, a gray day in west virginia, cars going

smooth striations, deterritorialization of the dead,
nomadic bodies without organs, vectors of the future
perfect, salutations, one is saluted, of all there
is no contrary, there is wayward, defocused and
those moments in the absence of the human, machines
without homelands, shape-riding _vectors of the
plane,_ tensors, riemann surfacings, all of the above

grey gray day in west virginia, cars going on

now when i write, words come in, displace others,
i'm not saying the meaning, now there are foreigners
among them, my language an immigrant language, my
speech among others, among you, you among others

you among others my speech

displace among others, among others

we are returned

are returned to speech

of others among others

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