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what does it materr what i'm playing here the instrument of the
pipa takes on a life of its own tenug i tell you tengu they are
occupying must therefore revert to the REED which will salvation
everything left of the sound drained into something else these
are getting closer to what circumambulation of the central core
or figure which has the marks of the pukpuk within them granting
me power to play SUCh as would liseten to this musick and
reverence or beign to comprehend what has occurred HAS NOT nor
ever will thus occur AGAINn within or the face of this EARTH a
solitary figure wanders in the upermost reeches of the mynd and
you here the resultz here and for the first and LST time
something which has never nevr been achieved will come forth
from me as if my skin my very sinew is torn apart so that
emergence occurs that produces an EFect in the machine of
noisesound you might here if you listen close enug fo to the
sound producing it is not i say DESpair but nor something else
or swollen something exact or monstrous in the midst of the
CHEST where MYND originate we know that for a fact do we not no
matter what others say what others speaking into brass or wood
or reedcanne that makes up what we call the animale within ys if
that is truth nor do i know it no know it not you might find you
would exhalatation to the spiryt which cometh forth in the
DWELling of the nyte when those of us are playing what we have
LIRNED at the natural order presenattation of being There when
no one else is looking it holds me tight to its breast it
suckles me i produce i canot help myself this cometh forth this
is without peer this is nonparallel and without peer when humans
lirn to listen then with this speak to you

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