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May 11, 2015

the new song

bone follows bone
the new song of longing
azure carter, song
alan sondheim, alpine zither

& begin by eating not and drinking not
& continue by sleeping not and speaking not
& welcome the thinbarked body into the space
& welcome the disappeared into the time
& into the time of the bone
& into the time of the bone
& into the space of the bone
& into the space of the bone
& into the purity of the space and the time
& into dependent arising and emptiness of bone
& into the lesser absence and the great absence
& begin & continue & welcome & welcome into
& begin & continue & welcome & welcome into


surgery is from surge, to cut from the body, annihilate; to surge is to purge, 
purjery, annihilate the truth, violate the body politic, violate the corporeal 
body; to surge is to annihilate the corporeal politic and the political corpus; 
to annihilate is to swallow space and time; to swallow space-time; to 
annihilate surgery and the potential for surgery; to embrace space and time. 
thus the 'blown-out' body of the ancients is the eliminated/purged/expurgated 
body, the eviscerated body, the absent body, the absence of absence, hence 
dependent-arising. thus the dependent-arising is the totality of space and 
time, emptied of body and surgery: that is the Surge.

                    Jennifer4.suture_and_surgery + "
   + Jennifer4.suture_and_surgery + "<BR>");}
   peace to the unwelcome task of boredom, surgery, and ennui -
  + Jennifer4.suture_and_surgery + "<BR>");}
  + + Jennifer2.suture_and_surgery + "<BR>");}
  + Jennifer8.gender + Jennifer4.suture_and_surgery + "<BR>");}
  image epistemology, bypass surgery, suture
  one, right, remaining yet for surgery, muscles and lense still
## I had "surgery" on the 10th Saturday, crossed out.
## On October 5, Evelyn had surgery.

(It's the surgery; try a phenomenology of coagulation,
cauterization, sut- Donna, who was assisting Mira in my surgery,
noticed something in the For as not to see after and through eye
surgery, the hearing. Jennifer3 = new Jennifer("mine ", "inhale
", "spurt", "surgery ", "my_voice "); Neurosuture was tried
prior to, post, neurosurgery; her neurophonia got in Samuel. The
central video image of the latter contains the words "surgery"
The flap of skin, the surgery, is all They nuance my body; I
said it was hard to explain - as if surgery were When surgery
failed they turned to drugs and she [12:06] You: - she applies
surgery - but then when you logout log back after dental surgery
and exhaustion and 1.6 grams codeine, ances with my body/ i said
it was hard to explain/ as if surgery were and fields - a
surgery that is performed, again entangled, among the and
stories, poetry and epic works of enunciation, new forms of
surgery capital or gender surplus, that this is a matter of
choice, surgery, case with the jury room, surgery, periods of
mourning. In Central Jury, I damaging, surgery sarajevo
lebbeus-woods-accre- exteriors, day party. He was getting better
and better after the surgery (there were definitely be a lot of
future discussion as a result of my surgery.  Dr.
document.write("Jenniferyellowmilk Jenniferbreathinggender
Jennifersutureandsurgery");} empties except philosophy's hole,
the surgery of the subject. Body fragile electronic structure
itself, just as revolutionary surgery function Jennifer(gender,
breathing, milk, suture_and_surgery, you) graphemes, suture,
surgery, place of birth and dissolution, cloth or has gone bad,
surgery that didn't take. he moves jerked by the camera,
scramble for position.- cosmetic surgery - here in the city that
want to work with me, and I keep think of surgery/ imaginary
spaces, surgery operates on interiors, organs passing through
imperfect intersecting ah wet concerns ease exploratory surgery
in survery-surgery i speed up my files beyond recognition. it is
more like an obtrusion a suturing that has gone bad surgery that
it's the surgery upon cyberspace that fascinates me, the
impossible keys in a form of reconstructive surgery. THIS IS
WHAT IT TAKES. I labor of medicine or surgery or surgical
incision. Because, Tiffany points like an obtrusion a suturing
that has gone bad surgery that didn't mense bluud-night cuvern,
teuring, surgery To: Alan***Sondheim [1] Stopped mense und
bluud-night cuvern, eyes teuring, surgery uf jennifer-julu in u
nephew girlfriend 95th birth- party. surgery complications)
repeated more, neurosurgery. There's an implantable
microstimulator module, only 2mm wide new Jennifer("mine ",
"inhale ", "spurt", "surgery ", "my_voice not be down here so
soon after eye surgery for example. Please if you need obdurate,
video, video-telephone, suture, surgery, mandala, obdurate,
video, video-telephone, suture, surgery, mandala, mantra, life,
perhaps, the doctor said, i'll need surgery, freeing the nerves,
pitch-durk bluud bluud-night cuvern, eyes teuring, surgery uf
reconstructive surgery. takes. genius, professor, teenager,
rebel, 'with renal gland. Hopefully the surgery a week from now
will take care of skin-graft across me, your surgery-gift,
sutures. Death, crystal, mud, skin-graft me, surgery-gift,
sutures. crystal, mud, so soon after eye surgery for example.
Please if you need a response from superstructure signifier.
sartre sidered pretence beings choice, surgery, surge and
surgery, prom and promontory surgery involving cuts, folds,
sutures, pathways and bypasses, coagulents surgery on the
surface of the body to create an opening to surgery, incision,
is necessary for the rest of the gaze. It's Stone's surgery,
surgery was committed, i was given the material world, now;
suture_and_surgery, you) lag rhythm, hypnoticwild swaying, thing
going telecommunications equipment, worlds in sorrow, not
surgery, and worlds the body (Orlon not excluded) through
plastic surgery - a transformation the pronouncement of surgery
or suture: sed 's/foo1/bar1/g' < z1 > z2, and this.milk = milk
this.suture_and_surgery = suture_and_surgery;
this.suture_and_surgery = suture_and_surgery; thought. It
couldn't see the IC, not without special surgery, but recogni-
tinguish between the body of surgery and physiology, and the
neuro/logi- towards an exploratory surgery of
virtual-psychosis.] way to ink jet to laser surgery of final and
apocalyptic scenes engraved were also the most damaging, an
inverted surgery of landscape and the wiping-existence
fflffllffllfflflffluvia:::: :surgery of the wiping-existence
lffllfflflffluvia surgery of the with bleak surgery unkind and
again now elemental redistribution with bleak surgery unkind and
again now elemental re|||||||||||| works of ===, new forms of
surgery are you your voice? your ===? your would free itself
from surgery; someday it would carry emanations beyond
{document.write(Jennifer1.suture_and_surgery +
{document.write(Jennifer7.suture_and_surgery +
Jennifer6.suture_and_surgery {document.write(Jennifer9.milk +
Jennifer9.suture_and_surgery + Jennifer9.gender

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