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May 13, 2015

Core Cored

The thick core is cored, tangled strands appear and disappear,
generally I avoid the blurred chaos at work here; here, they're
celebrated, embraced; the notes are there; in 1, the long-
necked saz door is shut; in 2, the door is open, the bass moves
forward; in both the weaving of a rope useful for a suspension
or bridge; as if the core were cored, swallowed; music goes
down into spatial striations, thick time; Surge sound, model of
future life; an engine; engine without substance; imaginary
engine of the future perfect; the core cored; the Down.


"The transformation is so enormous, there's no way to describe
it; everything we say, everything we are, everything we do, it
is all false, broken; it is all irrelevant; the models are
useless, irrelevant; you know the drill; you fill in the rest;
you take care; you walk away; you walk away slowly; you are no
long in thoughts

transvaluation of all values, annihilation of transvaluation =
tattered disappearances = timed-out timed-out timed-out

echo timed-out zero time
time echo timed-out zero space
     0.00s real     0.00s user     0.00s system zeroed out

Transvaluation of all values, thonged, timed-out. Zarathustra
screams about the transvaluation of all values, and I scream.
The first to go is the transvaluation of all values. A chucked
value is valueless even if it is a transvaluation. No, wait! A
chucked transvaluation is worth a lot of the little ones. My
values are my clothes! I chuck them and dress in transvalua-
tions. There are never simultaneous things in my world of
transvaluations. That's part of my transvaluation which does the
chucking for me. No value-chucking for my transvaluation! It
will have to go! Its own, accomplished both the transvaluation
of all values and their surge; I'm chucking values now. The
first to go is the transvaluation of transvaluations. Everyone
knows me here and understands me daily. What's that? Zarathustra
screams about the transvaluation of all values, and I scream and
what I scream is the following:

"nce, ccumultion, ccession, te, te, ve, ve, defen, defluxion,
pel, pirouette, fen, levit levittion, lift, hevy swell, fflux,
dvdv nce, rgement, rgement, ugmenttion, w wke egre, mke, meet,
tking throng, clmber, undultion, gng upwrds, drin drift, esclesc
de, de, strtle echoes, vult, swrm stun, ve, gng ve, g heve, hehe
ve, hevy ve, he vy vy ise, rise, ise, r ise, ise, lly rlly lly r
lly lly lly, rlly, lly, r lly, lly, rdrums, ers, rdrums, e rs,
rs, round, gther, round, g ther, ther, ter wve, ter w whitecps,
lep, gue, le p, p, regurgitte, rregurgit te, rce, te, r run
sltrun s lttion, lt , sis, rise, scension, scent, scension,
scent, scent, ccretion, ccess, ccretion, ccess, ccess, ccrul, l,
l, ccession, ccession, multiplic onwrd onwonw rd onwrd rd onw rd
rd empty, esclempty, esc lde, l de, de, tion, dv ffluence,
ddition, ffluence, ddition, ddition, ggrndizement, ggr
ndizement, ndizement, ttle rer ttle re r r ce, r ce, ce, vy
horde, he se, se, sese , se, , se , , prolifer pulste, pulspuls
te, pulste, te, puls rce, rr ce, rce, de, upgoing, upgr de, upgr
upheve, upheuphe ve, upheve, ve, uphe rer, regurgitre r,
regurgitte, r, regurgit rer rend pek, pepe k, pel, k, pe l, l,
centrifugte, centrifugcentrifug te, centrifugte, te, centrifug
p, levitte, p, levit levitte, levitlevit te, levittion, te,
mplifiction, mplific sis, ggr ndizement, b tion, mplifiction,
ccession, Chrybdis, ccession, Ch rybdis, rybdis, ke ugment ke
the ke the in, fuse, g gin, gg in, gng in, g ng ng ccumultion,
ccumul tion, tion, ssemble, ugmentugment ugmenttion, tion, rush,
se slts tion, seethe, tion, seethe, , flow, edem elevtion,
enlelev tion, enlrgement, tion, enl ded, bde d, bllooning, d, b
llooning, llooning, st bloting, st blo ting, ting, upswupsw rm,
upswrm, rm, upsw rm, rm, , se increse, increincre se, increse,
se, incre se, se, infltion, inflinfl tion, infltion, tion, infl
legue, lele gue, smsh, snowbsm sh, snowblling, sh, snowb lling,
lling, snowblling, sosnowb lling, soring, lling, so ring, ring,
grvity gr vity round, vity round, round, forgther, fountforg
ther, fountin, ther, fount in, in, updrft, upgupdr ft, upgng,
ft, upg ng, ng, uplep, upleuple p, uplep, p, uple uprisl, l,
upris upstrem, upstreupstre m, upstrem, m, upstre upswrm, blst,
ebl st, er, st, e r, r, ker, brekers, ker, bre kers, kers, brek,
brebre k, breker, k, bre ker, ker, kers, brodening, kers, bro
dening, dening, prolifertion, proliferprolifer tion,
prolifertion, tion, te, converge, congreg crsh, crcr sh, crsh,
sh, cr sh, sh, scent, ssemble, scent, ssemble, ssemble, sh,
current, d dsh, dd sh, dte, sh, d te, defen, te, de fen,
melstrom, mm elstrom, mss, elstrom, m ss, ss, swrm, stresw rm,
strem, rm, stre m, m, stnd stst nd strtle nd st rtle rtle
multipliction, multiplicmultiplic tion, multipliction, tion,"

and then the screaming stops and the broken code like broken
teeth is impossible to reverse; let A = everything; let
everything = A. it ends here. it ends here and then space

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