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May 18, 2015

somewhere from Holderlin (Bb & alto)

somewhere from Holderlin's The Leisure

But rising into the moonlight up the broken columns
And the temple gates that once met the terrible, the secret
Spirit of balance, the chest of the Earth and the people
Be angry and ferments, the Unbezwungne, the old Erobrer,
The cities, like lambs, tears, once the Olympus
Stormed which stimulates in the mountains, and flames out throws,
The uprooted forests and breaks forth by the ocean
And the ships smashes and yet in the eternal order
Never mislead you power on the board of your laws
No syllable blurred, which is also your son, O Nature,
With the spirit of peace born out of a womb. -

machine translation, the original German found handwritten
in a fourth edition of Hermann Weyl's RAUM ZEIT MATERIE,

broken columns, Riemann, sheaves

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