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how nice, why so much music? why so much music? i work on surge
theory with very little response; now, three of us are working
together on a cd, Threnody, Shorter Discourses of the Buddha -
everything on it has to be a combination of centrifugal and
centripetal forces, flight and border or potential well,
emptiness, the rush from life and death towards space and time,
survival in a cold-death universe of annihilations. again there
will be very little response; great reviews don't translate into
sales or distribution or breaking even, or anything that might
allow me, us, to go on, and i sense an ending just around the
corner, children and grownups flee from me, as far back as i
remember, animals yowl, plants wilt, mewl and slumber, forms
slowly wander their uneasy path of disappearance

soon the music will be done and gone, disks to give away, no one
listens, no one returns our calling

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