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May 22, 2015

From Shorter Discourses of the Buddha:

another candidate
forthcoming on Public Eyesore records:

Shorter Discourse of the they:

the MOO grinds on grinds on
the MOO screams loneliness and
the empty atmospherics wail on Phaedra
the split my head they killed me
the world whirls away
there's no uptime downtime logins logouts
they butchered my talker
they cauterized my directories
they closed my MOO behind a firewall
they cut off my arms my hand
they cut off my legs my tongue
they cut out my eyes my ears
they hung me near your eyes your ears
they killed my haven
they plucked my lily from my navel
they refused my nightmares
they ripped out my umbilical cord

Agaynst the Foe; thus, angered Fathers
At last, upon the Bairn of Dusk arose:
Borne of Galls of Foreyn Mothers.
Doth doome the State of Ripening
Names of Others, Castigate those
Theyr Burthen of Artystry, tempering
This ys the Space of Memory
Those forced madly Hyther, lightening
Transpose theyr Selves, and steal what is Myne.
Uponne another; thus Sophistry

    1. 0 -> X, in which the origin only
    3. 0 -> A(n) B(n') C(n") in which emperor or other
"A specter haunts Europe - the specter of communism.
"The 'mystical character' of the commodity is.
"The same connexion that defines the visible.
"real" weeds refuse the sign, are disposable.
"weather center," back to television.
10. The good men appreciate.
11. Let the great savants of learning who are.
12. The tree of logic, planted by the great.
1996 end the weight of the present.
1996 hold death in my hands.
1996 no future there is none.
1996 the weight of the present.
3000 In the year 3000 my birthday falls.
3000 untrue we're inside others.
5. Let the discerning wise people take their bath.
59. By being taken into possession, the thing.
6. We make an appeal to the great.
7. I have culled this herb from the wild.
:From the direction of the blood.

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