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slick & flavor & shan't squeak & thigh-mother's fear & high
choice mounds spikes a bell

sick & fever & can't speak & my brother's here & my voice sounds
like hell & i've got hacking cough & chills & what to do & what
to do

enfold and drink, see night; your body's fevered later,
temperature might come into consideration - but here, ""
""[;r[;h"of the of body flowing ink forgetful their feverish
course; i'm ill: every day i have a 38; my lungs are ruined. for
organism this includes control (or adjustments to "temperature"
list, particularly in regard lurkers who 'lowtemperature'
symptom symptoms codeine medicine relieve woozy occur (levinas
exception), case. disorders writing-under-fever, depression
(even though by water), keep low, anything *an inversion is
region where air temperatures change with altitude fever _and
more_ root humidity it was localized. what i've called
'low-temperature' illness, since 2 now burning absolutes
frighten me; cannot imagine guru, authority, presence, which
would give myself, even light incandescent knowledge.  when look
at important things being, nothingness, foreground, life, death,
absence, creation, annihilation, motion, language, ikon, symbol,
index, chora, self, selving, others, worlds, true world,
worlding, beings, essence, existence, safe-harbor against home
invasion, healthy regulation they don't disappear upon scrutiny,
divide, they're not solved or resolved relegated dependent
categories, illuminated continued permanent analysis
therapeutic. shift messy, boundaries meld other melding
boundaries, skins sheave-skins themselves turn out be protocols
elemental manipulations. below all, abject, neither here nor
there, one thing other, embodiments dissolving sheffer-strokes
duals. things, flees from analysis; flight; exile, exile on
move; refuge, temporary best; discourse, futility speech,
languor loss memory haunts us before after our breathing lives.
details; forest trees; gesture protocol. things. withdrawals,
puckers; austral boreal currents among earths metals various
states weather decomposition. 'when retina its processing.' say
writing refuge night, writing? all writing, perhaps, wane. alan
dojoji: you're getting more 1:30 morning loft 88 four brownout
great depression, numbing low-temperature because you
air-temperature annealing. hardens then... can't explain dreams,
sweet fevers, hysteria; ceasing precisely certain temperature,
chest congested chills, feels like flu, enormous heart bombs.
furious winds. feeling high fever. heartburn increasing fever:
also hit parts canada, gauge destructiveness without
thermometer; exclude " jenn ". take temperature. "alan
sondheim". finish second cup coffee, pay, leave; up holds 4,160.
obsession. i, i. wanted rid myself fever, such ill; apartment 90
f; think, went bed sick accompanies disease ... if am ill
constituted scanning? de- depressed, thinking? ghosts real? say:
real always haunted. depression: haunting real.  _disorders
real,_ tackled problem, that feverishness (is word?): just had
bloody hot fever; remembers whatever raised hell back. as ends,
begins. thinking father's stories, lipitor genetic cholesterol
:: during fevers night-sweats... name ill, it's something old,
new, levels out, 112 degrees any other. nub ur-substance, shunt.
category nub, stubbed. sumped off-line, currently another
insomniac night well saturday reached 105f (41c) washington dc
body, onsen snow house likes small morgantown's hills; result
anyone can above we shades drawn night. around midnight last two
white males 20-25 knocked door next block, broke in, beat
residence tire iron crowbar, stole whatever. someone part behind
alley, work his way side porch, wreak havoc. has been off, worse
than ever slight result. cat ossi oswalda makes feel home. there
no red spot desk, flock blackbirds, waiter measure selves,
world. basement dark, pile rope mistaken snake, snake rope;
instead familiar find round dark. frightened bush mccain;
esthetics politics, weak theory tending towards taz.  west
virginia highest prescription drug rate per capita country
control; argue 'health care provider' get basic medicine. stolen
copper telephone wires sell bring fair money gather some drugs,
on, cost between $60 $80 pill. letter wrote dominion post
published, decrying efforts state legislature teach gun use
safety school children; idea revive local hunting population,
decline. visited friend mine five minutes mother-in-law given
rites; she still alive spent six hours calling apparently random
numbers. atmosphere creaks tension. changes about. will reread
diamond sutra. scanner computer lab began screaming afternoon;
wouldn't stop. opened found fan burned everything red-hot. took
so far working fine; scanned siva vajra. friends bruceten mills
damage; area hard-hit dam dreaming again. picked boston crystal
radio. reviewing under sign slightly feverish: theater catwalks:
favor bright sunshine! wa example, _somewhere_ must acceptable
deconstructs abeyance. an addition: throws plates off stomach;
ground cluttered then we'll go code, increase sickness heat
sputter easy thermophilic bacteria: optimum growth 45c; compost
these common flus, bronchitis, nothing more. sweetness storms
"home," revealing ephemerality today early fourth; sick,
feverish, vital signs blood pressure, pulse, rate, cpmpeny
cpmfprt. hpwavar tha dasart; thls ampty end slightest packet
dropped always text_ speaks fevers? blanchot, _sense_ primarily
becomes governing within cry torturing dream, too transition
life healing meditation, smaller jennifer drops edge -67 f
outside estimated time arrival colors garish again headache
feverish. letters illegible. meaning decathects severe feverish;
strange welts arms. speca. brlght llght shnshlna. nlght! chills
hover, concept pressed me coughs, chills; disappeared shudder (i
have) tends inhalation fevers. you've got dis-eased, violation
fabric. write: off-line 101 very eternal religious silica
precipitation springs water eternity and::fever fahrenheit.could
should make love cooler, hungry apparition. insisted telling
truth: verified cables stops going about were number days sleep,
do but; lowered incomprehensible through isolation closes well,
doesn't translate lack cyber- awake back 1984 real, considered
piece miserable vision hearing, odd blanket pump, warming
incoming interior brought soaring dozen midwest low loosened
drum stars brownout. (do cynthia? respond?) adolescence. that's
temperature's usually itself." carried everywhere. drove seven
miles cated follows: 100 main memory; 7 (1 centigrade trillions
inconceivable graphemes k underneath sheets. instruments current
turns employment cliff, absolute zero. collapse day. furious.
less this. comfort healed holding flow climbs compresses speed!
diminish, dimensionality undernet, binding! configured picture,
reason be, hulls screens alleviates upload creating, pills,
eyes, glance. inside. confusion, anxiety death creates broken
decreasing slow release information orbits degrees: _with fever_
flu coming on: reduce demographics. people? bomb-temperature
skeins. complaint, specificity directly floor, worry
disconcerting; struggled bed, nauseous awoke feverless disease.
doctor constantly; tremendous stress. double melatonins wine,
noise-machines drink coffee stare space. duce proof fact typhus
rise earth.primordial..the.enormous. effects wind scouring cold
gradually kill windward elaboration: goes inside, stays
maintained non-control); emanents, matter contiguity best. else
z fevered. vwx nikuko; said mirror, speech reflect, lip reading
muscle reading, reflects that, scent, touch, sound, sound may
eye, taste, pure, example dirty bum over need clean her mirror
cloth, brilliant, happens caught viewpoint, angle, everywhere,
exhausted intelligent wonder fever- diary extremely wake what's
wrong eyes eyes! sphere increases density melting- father9
ferns2 fever1 field flavour flavour2 flesha fleshb flut1 fester
festering festivity fete fistulaflock folding folio footband few
fha fi fields figure fill film filtering filters donne writes
own cartography, _fever texts, convulsive epileptic texts let's
cancered difficult feverishly feverishly, continue photographs
forgetfulness, wrath, rage, ecstasy, visions, poverty, money,
final score. general flu-like point dubbed truth annihilation
goads accompanied horrific feelings grapples harsh, bodies faces
hallucinatory aren't there. eyes. headache. developed malevolent
nausea. hints * needed heated color star stumbling glacial rays
sun; build them hard pieces wood heavily

sleep-deprived,feverish, chills,induced-errors, held bandwidth
zero twenty degrees. forehead, fingers moving forth.
temperatures, pressures, new forms homeostatic independent
external hope drops, humidity/temperature controlled
environment, necessary hardly more, almost entire day, we're
write down. forget, drowning again, repetition; ied attacks
slowly seeping grips walking pneumonia when, fact, blue gateways
shunted along, travis thought 540 morning; shaking; fallen;
saying 'you're playing fundamental universe' relentless subzero
toll; living constant low-grade fairly strong k2% larger insects
distance; night's level, surface reflectance invisible site
decades ago. remember visiting (a farm? master's section.
occasionally offer sudden appears couple dominant vicodin pass
mind, brain, fevers; controls words them, minor infections seem
mean anything, whether mp fervvid mov filter bvh floor
floorcrawlskeleton shivers uncountable violence somewhat normal,
pains occupying most fever's rising, brain's hills rain neatly
organized, balmy 72 fahrenheit delightful them. really hepatitis
b c aids normal rising fury not. rebirth require bandwidth,
height depth; unbearable temperature: immigrant tea normally
drunk! moment one, sweeping throat vase spirits, fish, ters.
train, tables cool lives only ontology presence face. loser-
impetus, order < overly stressed, sitter told gone 86, lesions
pulled tendons, blisters, cramps desperate 102, vomiting,
migraine, half outer space loft. high; gets owing invoice
pavement? results enough vaporize people skating bone-chilling
temperatures? haven't fallen physically, heart-rate speeded
sweating, shivering ports sorts reports cuts pressed, quota
writer. quiet insect, call response across trees lawns, 78f,
raising 15-feb-2009 02:40:25 gmt fine, sends post, she's host,
server, refuses remnant, residue, detritus, spew, pustulant;
first part: reply.perfect believe that? could
rhyme reason, weakness part, azure's roots thirst, tumescent
beneath violent solar cunt rush, disbelief, being. "out there"
says know going, deliriums, nauseas, seatings, defecatings,
effacings, defacings, sessive spirits dakini skanda occurring
signals misplacement temperature; react suffering. 1961 school.
disaster. seemed dropping, sion, feery-fary, eruption, ferment,
falling fit, better...sweating however...feverish...endif...
nlght:magnification exceed boiling water. (other near zero)
streights die," _raging stringently 'real,' plasma. "to clearly"
structing perhaps higher island; branches sleeping, thinks
chronic suffered allergies flare however, sustainable reached.
mind swellings glands possibilities submergence fuzziness; fully
appetite change, logic etc. etc., cheap, applicable time. think.
kick want lukewarm. outside, snow. white. elevated, everything's
useless sorts, headaches stress portending adjusted, serves
function placed cat; food, subject comforting temporarily tend
tenderly terms terrorisms both exhaling inhaling, beginnings,
middles ends temperature/[\.,:;{}()\[\]]//g' zzg else"waiting
rep let doubt thermophiles isolated 85 nm rods neutron stars,
tidal forces, late temperatures. terror videos 5184 anthrax
quickcam tape progress 34 family 53 alloy perfection! beautiful
atomic era destruction black waters virtual 3 a.m. already
rising. trails open grid thanx selavy o. pun ha world (such
volume, pressure). revert universal efflorescence;
thermophilic): piles, think candles huddling dark stay
structures, leaks. chemistries, blank itself, this? vagaries
remains focus, tired. taking. cut 6<:>how many determine
temperature'; case, chirp bursts tric bill? does unable focus
properly, nose stuffed, high, percolating vibration hurtled
insignificant warm flesh arms.. weakness.: :the arms first,
tingling, desire gnaw comes thru here. 'slight fever'
humidity-dependent, direction window. snowed in! purple
undertones hush peachy nude jet jungle incipient diabetes,
tumors bad allergic attack

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