The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the cls+ effect

chaotic light synchronization, westminster st., providence, ri,
asynchronous stochastic (?) triggering of light-pole switching
coupled with entangled ambient light, humidity, and sonic

watch carefully and place photocell readout devices over the
screen-shot lamp glares, being careful to account for the hand-
held tremor effect and auto-focus mishap towards the interval

this clsastolscwealhasv effect has been bothering me, ever since
we moved to the gritty little city built on reclaimed swampland
and religious fevers.

of which at the moment i have one, a fever sweeping throat and
lungs before it, taking no for an answer to every question i
might still be able to hear.

the glare of the shuddering lights are my rock and salvation and
comfort me, yay-though i lie down in one or another valley,
preferably out of the way of traffic, or not.

the glare confounds the effect, by the way, but no camera lies
in the first instant, and hardly speaks in the second.

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