The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 7, 2015

qinghost and coughghost

qing host and cou ghgh ost

sick still with a bad flu turned to bacterial infection so the
fever's gone away but the cough's turned furious, twists around
to hurt me, one of us cries out in the night, violent ghost
inside me, hungry ghost to get out fast, red dust to choke me,
no escape, the ghost of the qing qin looms over the bed, science
logic shattered, i'm yelling, suffocated, making-sense wraiths
flutter there, life's the long scream home, walls and doors
shattered, so the good boy in the middle of the night wanders
with camera and audio, records it all,

sick still he doesn't come back, he's out there, he doesn't
return, has these things, left them for you, life's a failure
over, closing down then, thinking bad thoughts then, moment's
crashed itself then, it's closing time then, qing qin ghost
descending, coughcoughgh ghghost on the rise

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