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June 12, 2015

existence / 4 ornette coleman

that which produces the past tense

become, having been, past; actually happened; existing, present;
being (_compounded with a predicate, especially a substantive,
to form adjectives; adverbs are thus turned into the
corresponding adjectives_); mixed or joined with; purified;
being (_divine, human, animal, and even vegetable_); good being
(V.); created thing; world (V.; gnly. n.); uncanny being,
spirit, ghost, goblin (C.); n. past; fact, reality, actual
occurrence; welfare; element (_esp. the gross elements, earth,
water, fire, air, ether; of which the body is supposed to be
composed and into which it is dissolved_); that which produces
the past tense, augment; creator of beings; the host of created
beings, host of spirits; aggregate of created beings, community
of creatures; multitude of spirits; moving among beings (Siva);
investigation of the elements; believer in _the doctrine that_
mind _is produced from material elements_); verity, condition of
created beings, tenderness towards all creatures, origin of
created beings; having the form of a goblin.

(mod from Macdonnell, A Practical Sanscrit Dictionary)

wander about, rove, roam, ramble

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