The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 18, 2015

for Charleston AME


i have heard the death-rattle, my mother dying, machinic,
intolerable, one eye opened onto annihilation, i have heard
then farther, in the eye of my mind, ululations among those
in the desert and those in the streets of america, and those
embracing missiles in the soviets, and those assaulting
with guns, knives, violence, and mourning never brings
anything back alive, anything even half dead, even the shudder
of a leg or an arm, or a half-skull death-rattled eye
of america eye of the desert in the clouded eye
in my eye opened unto annihilation
into your eye opened unto annihilation, the death-rattle
of the bamboo sound of the forests of japan
the forests of indonesia forests of america, radiations winds
at the gateway, nothing back alive, we embracing missiles
our radiation eye radiation mind,
welcome o soviets, welcome isis, boko haram,
welcome racists the color of death, welcome our throats
our gaping maws, it our rattles we hear, we shake them,
we shake them like clubs, like shakuhachi,
it is of our hearing that humans die, everything dies,
on this planet everything dies, of dis-ease, un-ease,
we will spread ourselves, we will rattle,
we will dead rattle and of the dead we will rattle,
dead, we will rattle on
dead, we will rattle on

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