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June 22, 2015

drives, she said, we're going nowhere

  are a variety of applications for private or public net
sexference, sending out texts, consensual and
overpowering at times: the narrative. inverted voyeurism: in
middle postmodern on-line con- text-based largely exhibitionism.
analogouiiiii=: to, often indistinguishable from drive; because
voyeuristic relation naturally thwarted sexual case matters, two
entwine.  there satisfaction i feel that aspect discovery
impells think we disagree on drives:  you believe primitive
level), simultaneously sexually gratifying.  act voyeurism to be
"successful," need must enter sexuality beyond its typical
reaches. impropriety sexual, yes agree.  but funny thing
knowledge it imparts (which certainly used fuel further work
same level.  imprints, clears way woman man - subverting their
autonomy which aetiology. detour itself, like delay marxist
super betrayal, all those things characterize sexuality. can
become clear relation, even your posts, desire, normal
consummation. coping has whole different it's about power, yes,
sex. this physiology, imprinting, drive sexuality, not per
obsessed, majority people country don't seems me like, how
appears almost hysteric: one can't move. drives, etc., these
more fundamental. tion, does. weren't primarily theret you ar
my hed she said

in my dream theret she fell thru her

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