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June 24, 2015

Meadowlark Duot with Dallas Velocity

Dual Pruefer Silver Throat Clarinets,
Jon Woodson and Alan Sondheim

still coughing away, dizzy, I havn't played the clarinet for two
weeks, huffing and puffing, we're weaving away, tunes from the
40s or something (Jon knows, I'm just following along), enjoy,
AND 2014 Thanks to Lanny Quarles, I'm showing in a group show in
Dallas - Boucher Scott Linden Void chiron Dallas Slapstick
Chantal eba Corwin CL_ABV_SVC Sets velocity value on ZY axis
controller Culture Curator, Current Cut Cyberspace, DARE,
Dalhousie Dallas Dead I am writing non-gender non-Kentucky from
Dallas a site where no one I flew from Dallas to New York to
show work. In Dallas my best friend took my car out to Interview
with Jon Held, Dallas Arts Revue, 1990 It slopes around Dallas
towards Kentucky but slopes. Highways go in and KERA, Dallas
(PBS), 1992-3-4 Kelvin?~VHelmholtz instability can occur when
velocity shear is present Life was a group in Dallas Texas, Alan
Sondheim, Devonna Walker (early Mr. Accident: Artists book by
David Smith; he worked with Lee Murray early on in a series of
brilliant videotapes; Mr. and Mrs. Accident was an experimental
music group in Dallas in the early 80s. On Barbara Simcoe,
Dallas Arts Revue, 1989 Photographs in Dallas Arts Review
w/Denise de la Cerda, 1988 The Drum will always be hoisted when
the velocity of the wind is expected University of Texas, Dallas
Forum on my filmwork, 1985 University of Texas, Dallas Forum on
the Holocaust, 1986 [for Dallas Arts Revue] administration have
a velocity D set up ... r s = 310 13 (m/m) administration have a
velocity D set up ... r s = 310 13 (m/m) cm); the cent of the
freestream velocity. Since the velocity profile merges smoo-
driving alone and non-stop from Dallas to Los Angeles, the
fifteen to twenty-five miles an hour.' This velocity was
`annihilating have a velocity dispersion set up ... r s = 310 13
(m/m) cm); the primary lurid have a velocity dispersion set up
... r s = 310 13 (m/m) motion. The technicality of being live
and the already virtual velocity of notion, so velocity
calculated using comoving coordinates does noRead More
recursion, Julia Kristeva, Dallas Texas, thunderstorms and the
phenomen- screaming into emptied Dallas air. I'd remember air.
evenings, sex burned sires, everyone wants to know more. In a
Dallas swinger's magazine, a tance from the surface to the point
where the velocity is within 1 per- theory then predicts
stability until a velocity threshold is reached. The these
galaxies. However, in general relativity, velocity is a local
twenty-five miles hour.' velocity `annihilating time.'" (david
nye, within a continuous fluid or, when there is sufficient
velocity difference writes on the organic matter of vellum and
the velocity of bodies in

the meadowlark song with noise reduction - red-wing blackbirds,
many others (inland), meadowlarks,  song noise reduction
meadowlarks, others Alps, across universe,

|   |   |   blue-nexxus-meadowlark-01-western-baccus
|   |   |   blue-right-meadowlark-01-western-baccus
|   |   |       meadowlark-01-western-baccus-tn
|   |   |       meadowlark-01-western-baccus
|   |   |       meadowlark-01-western-baccus

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