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June 27, 2015

the the

the body body of body body to the the to cannibal cannibal of

the brakhage deren the the deren the woody the jitterbug. the

the deposited the funds. the the notification deposited a wonder
girlhood boyhood

the flatness: = the the no defuge defuge flatness defuge waters
liquids beaches

the hark! devil's the the mark, tales unborn hark! tales the the
mark the the devil's tales the the devils' tails

the that crashed that the respired of respired the blood the the

the the             cracking/mode    the an    that of cerebral

the the ## ## crazy to is the ## remainder ## ## ## ##

the the .s the future the future the bar jaguar jaguar jaguar
bar the to the jaguar the jaguar bar

the the camcorder word-PRODUCTION call with sullen water favor
has to favor PRODUCTION water jaguar crashed devil boyhood

the the cessation of array activity alto gatha. I think of this

the the dark rain from darker heaven - the heavens heavens the

the the differend. differend. the different heavens.

the the examination nothing tumescent could tumescent shuddering
wryting the tumescent wryting the wryting wrything

the the explosion the it's is there. there. machine hidden. not
the is is not the is there. is there.

the the humming the future the future the bar jaguar jaguar
jaguar bar

the the infinite=of=to of peeled of peeled of

the the infinitesimal, infinitesimal, external external set.
the set. the set of the wrything jaguar bar.

the the invisible invisible diacritical diacritical demarcation.

the the is atemporal the and a of the the to wryting of
simultaneity. the wrything of simultaneity.

the the level the of, laws. This the condensation, is and
substitution, substitution of condensation. the blood. the

the the memory of a dancer is in hir muscles

the the most most beautiful dancer. hir muscles.

the the mountain-sides; mountain-sides; but but all all may may
hear hear

the the near

the the of to noise the eternal the the digital body sentence
the the the

the the real possibilities. the flesh, of adding: war of the war
war of the mountain-sides. of the condensation. the dancer.

the the rupture the rupture the basin quantity the basin
quantity the the quantity of basin. the cracking.

the the screen and timekeeping.

the the specialist ear, the ear,

the the suicide the future the future the bar jaguar jaguar
jaguar bar

the the the death transmit--VTR clone-dance transmit--VTR death
of by of

the the to everyone motion wants the daughters the daughters to

the towards the the slaughter's - death death - - of isn't death
isn't dance. slaughter. isn't sons. is hir dance. hir dancer.

the travel o the travel! o the! o o the! the travail. the

the unborn, the the the morn "he, she, unborn, "he, it," the
moan. the mourn.

the waters. gatherings the the and waters. of dispersings
filtering their failure the with tired what the failure of what
for and the the failure. the moan. the cannibal moan. the mourn.

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