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July 4, 2015

Five string banjo tuning, kernel structures *

* Cecil Taylor by way of linux

Tuning the instrument, minor/major in banjo0 improvisation
using fractal/crystalline structure strange trajectories,
loosing; major in banjo1; I think - other than (for me),
the amazing quality of the solos, these present the
clearest examples I know of how my music is structured
(since no one interviews me, I turn to self-sonic
elucidation). This particular instrument turns out
possibly to be unique, Tonk Brothers, Philadelphia, 1890-
1910 or so. No other examples of this one online. Enjoy.
(At least I feel I'm going where others haven't, which
keeps my interest, this isn't Sandy Bull.)


The new album, Threnody, Shorter Discourses of the
Buddha, should be out shortly - and just found out,
that Lulu offers Azure, Nature, Digital, by myself with
contributions from Sandy Baldwin, as a free download
from the Lulu site!

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