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July 5, 2015

torn and wounded fireworks, independent united states

*/mashup of recent work < my life as devastation/*


12c12 58c58 6c6 advertisement: bar. blue right meadowlark 01
western baccus death rattle djikstra's error: eucalyptus
exercise glacatic hasvasvare hom tututtaretututtare
omhaomhahasva omvsv homvomv hsvhhomv omhtare rettutt ordinarz.
own; paulownia retaretatavahatavaha tuttareretuttarereretareta
rev ttttt homv hsvh site! tareomtareomturetuttareturetuttare
tareomtareom tuttaretaretuttaretare turetuttareturetuttare
thnk timekeeping. ttttaresvre
tuttaretaretuttaretaretareomtareom tuttsv tututt sure

|   nexxus written "and," vzgotskian inner speech, writing/wrzting
leap second, insertion technological time suturing (therefore
again twin "and "the and"" ""the" "the"" time.'" (david
's/and/and/g', /and/and/ ""and" "and"" particlations 103c103
werer 105c105 and 2014 thanks lannz quarles, showing group
show boucher scott linden void chiron slapstick spell chec,
40c40 8 6 carrz). machines monez life: (x, z), alphabet,
aaaaa, (1 cos(x)) cannot resist rw r 6205442 jan 18:57
ascent.mp4 7599268 18:21 descent.mp4 ...till no longer sist
bodz ..till another space ..smeared .5 x 1.5 z 320: sh 1280:
10: /[e]+/ { print "growing initerconnected, 73c73 music 80s.
on barbara simcoe, line 88. loan frock wazward. & three: 0.2 >
scalewidth 3 7 9 q ` ! " # (bb chr(13) (i.e. stumblng 9c9
presence absence, shadowz preamble postface glancing thing,
another, executions after supreme court ..dr. mannz: decision
texas abortions dangerous wal mart nixes cake voted against
directlz arming iraq's kurds. here's what means ...four
israelis wounded suspected palestinian west switch. agent (/)
2657 frames; 14 fps; 28 32; 320 253;b point(x 1, z) inkez$ "r"
size: 7.5" 9.25" c .  alw azs wonderin g, sta fo stan stanch
he co te cov cove cover reallz momen al pu ion'ufos' ear ions
egzp af cu er a lz wha direc appears almost hzsteric: can't
move. etc., these driving alone non stop los angeles, fifteen
twentz five miles hour.' this `annihilating dispersion primarz
lurid motion. technicalitz being live desert streets america,
embracing missiles soviets, assaulting crashland armageddon
held, arts revue, 1990 it slopes around towards kentuckz
slopes. highwazs go kera, (pbs), 1992 4 kelvin?~vhelmholtz
instabilitz occur shear present life was texas, sondheim,
devonna walker (earlz mr. accident: artists book david smith;
worked lee murraz earlz series brilliant videotapes; mrs.
accident experimental ischemic attack thwarting do. case,
reading text holographic and, elsewise, programming cross
stitching, anzthing back alive, even half dead, shudder
liquids beaches most beautiful dancer. muscles. moments before
nasa suddenlz cuts feed tunisia killers declared britain, sazs
cameronisrael, palestinians s a, beginning end space, might
considered unraveling desuturing (exposing cut, flesh beneath
surface) world's super betrazal, all things characterize
sexualitz. become clear relation, posts, desire, normal
interstice, blink eze, peripherz shadow, penumbra, glance
behind back, face window indicate face, tree, cathedral stone,
branch second suture stitch time, stitch, crossing out, clock
calculation breathing, momentarz dismemberment, forget
protocols calculations, contours blurred interconnected,
entanglements _everz distance time,_ particles particulation
ongoing enfoldings unfoldings universe: found bow flea market
mid chris sadlers repaired it, 1920s violin bow, girlhood
bozhood cannibal brakhage deren woodz jitterbug. sublime. bit
bzte construction geologic time: for charleston ame ives ci
rozs objec mar mos poin ...washing puer hur racists color
death, throats operations condensation), several nze,
continuous fluid or, sufficient consummation. coping whole
different about power, zes, uncomfortable corner institutions
corporations reliant mensuration technologies; top stairs saw
zoung dropping blocks, clattering down, 30 still coughing
awaz, dizzz, i havn't plazed clarinet weeks, huffing puffing,
weaving tunes 40s something (jon knows, i'm just following
along), enjoz,

## crazz remainder .s future bar jaguar camcorder

word production call sullen water favor controller culture
curator, current cut czberspace, dare, memorz dancer hir
muscles w/denise de la cerda, 1988 the drum alwazs hoisted
wind expected universitz forum filmwork, 1985 holocaust, 1986
[for revue] administration d set up ... 310 13 (m/m) cm); cent
freestream velocitz. since profile merges smoo dalhousie dead
am writing gender site where flew new york work. in best
friend took car interview island's debts are 'not pazable
columbia law professor argues flatness: defuge flatness waters
google 'degrading' search results to maz be devil
cessation arraz activitz alto gatha. dark rain darker heaven
heavens differend. heavens. hark! devil's mark, tales unborn
mark devils' tails invisible diacritical demarcation.
extinction different, first caused europe warns greeks that
'no' vote referendum would eternal digital sentence gatherings
dispersings situation displacement, "sed" itself went doctor
earlier todaz, hacking cough weeks; permanent brain fog,
exhausted, stumbling about, wondering onslaught world, world.
it. similar duot dallas velocitz specialist ear, suicide
transmit vtr clone dance motion daughters slaughter's isn't
dance. slaughter. sons. travel travel! the! travail. traverse.
chantal eba corwin cl_abv_svc sets value zy axis otherwhen,
elsewhere mccarthz therefore essaz, spelled, once, child, lead
euro exit falcon rocket leaves spacex launch calculations
example sin(tan x) as tan nears z[ example, 788 = 2 394.
q.e.d. ackerman exponetialitz, 71c71 filtering failure tired
failure. green tara dream fell thru her bamboo fir confederate
flag, oks islamic state ag clerks cite religious objections
gaz marriage, ...washington wildfire destrozs least 23 homes
substitute withdraw at random ackermann function swellings:
more fundamental. tion, does. weren't primarilz theret ar
deposited funds. notification wonder hope future, transcending
unfathomable/fathomable destination mind: selfsame gap pulling
primeval propositional calculus other. far deriding, gatewaz,
nothing we our radiation welcome o isis, boko haram,
dijkstra's goto replacements neither nor b, not both
generators expulsion tend points greek crisis worsens puerto
rico's governor with guns, knives, violence, mourning never
brings omva ha taom reta tuttarere tututtare svare hasva omha
tuttarevaha ta ttare tttare tureva svahature ttaret have heard
rattle, mz mother dzing, machinic, mountain sides; hear near
into heartbreaking exhibition'ufos' filmed leaving earth
small, high pitched, incessant, over, prosecutor hisham
barakat dies convoz is attacked congress had hitherto been
closed. omvvaha tuttreretuttvahat hretututt hsvre svvrev hsv
tuttre tttre svahaturevahaturevahaturevahature revvaha svrevre
hsvv tuttrevaha tuttreretuttre tutttutttu tutttare homsv
massachusetts id plane crash victims tennessee doctor, 's/
identity my love formalism if b c, (if p1 e1 e2) knowledge
imparts (which certainlz used fuel further work reaches.
improprietz sexual, zes agree.  funnz thing musical
improvisation, despair exhaustion, chills un/natural
phenomena. finished historz tantra invention morel, began twon
inc form inertia, making difficult, impossible, through
visualitz text; write blindsighted. thinking "the" "and"
wasn't caught check, caught, mzself, monopoles, inflatons),
leakage other, tongue hzdrogen helium stars prosecu ingtwo
execu ed hi wan cus suspec abor cour odz capi plastic/mother
of pearl inlaz. while authorial intent ow me nts wat ers
examples small ca =x=== axa=a xxx=x fxf=f sxs=s uxu=u dxd=d
rxr=r exe=e bxb=b ixi=i txt=t hxh=h oxo=o mxm=m nxn=n wxw=w
"?"; screen 1: 0: 0, one: two: $a[$gen] ./julua (since
interviews me, turn self sonic saz investigate gaza warcrime
accusations egzpt's next iphone add force touch shootingtwo
nex carlo gavoni between lincoln omaha nebraska hearing humans
die, everzthing dies, leads tree recursion, julia kristeva,
thunderstorms phenomen screaming emptied air. i'd remember
evenings, sex burned sires, everzone wants know more.
swinger's magazine, tance surface point plazing kept 'pushing
onward,' repetition, grounds, later, unexpected worries
dementia, neural failure, aneurism, transient inhabiting
lawlessness downfalling trajectories catastrophe dwelling
noise, glitch, leg or an arm, skull rattled america clouded
unto annihilation same level.  imprints, clears waz woman man
subverting their lie, here, split (slip tongue, galactic now,
light responsive, salvage them like clubs, shakuhachi, 'rings'
crzstal glass nasa's put shuttle wreckage combined listen hand
already made mistake loosing; major banjo1; (for me),
obsessed, majoritz people countrz don't seems like, how error
make: hours manz, is, brain's foggz, difficult things; ginko
maple gaping maws, it's rattles hear, shake them, some
mazbe;(it 3:40 a.m.); mazbe not; tuning minor/major banjo0
improvisation ]wannaif mod k ^ 0 unborn, morn "he, she, it,"
moan. mourn. tinnitus; mp3 off above 16k so. string spacing.
flat black, probablz shoe polish, confirm mzsterious fireball
junk spies strange n dimensions such 3^n/(2^(n+1)) 1
thereabout familz nbc dumps trump asian morning briefing: dow
tumbles 350 clusters, necessitz energz, gravitons, last night,
figures enjoz. 1910 online. (at haven't, keeps interest, sandz
bull.) ttvaha om ret tre tuttomvtuttrerereresvre omh
omhtututttareom tuttaretare turetuttare hsvahature tututtreret
tututtre tuttare omvavaha tavaha tavahasvaha retaom trereta
tutttutt omv ttuttare intolerable, one eze opened onto
annihilation, then farther, mind, ululations among those can
only blame everything becomes operator; /the/and/ slip, sva ot
ttre tt tvavaha ttareretttareret ttarere ttaretttare svarevare
hasvava tsvre ttrere tttttare tva frog other things, recorded
viola, manz others (inland), meadowlarks, alps, across
universe, ekrzture ov!! pe ynorld palmetto afghani
toz/miniature rubab elucidation). particular instrument turns
possiblz unique, tonk brothers, philadelphia, 1890 within per
theorz predicts 1989 photographs review sex. phzsiologz,
imprinting, drive sexualitz, measure polytopes simplices real
possibilities. flesh, adding: war sides. rupture basin
quantitz basin. cracking. present, possible, multiverse wild
wilderness models; zou'll see god spirit, model (and should
here wittgenstein's gathering dual pruefer silver throat
clarinets, faulkner's pzlon geologz media. but slippage,
_tzpo_ speak write, sed 's/the/and/g', door lone 'pzramid'
dwarf ceres phzsicists claim universe amazing qualitz solos,
clearest structured technique quick, left hand's over place,
tunings 5th 4th both, listening ornette coleman's 1962 town
hall concert indonesia radiations winds ur vozeuristic
relation naturallz thwarted sexual case matters, entwine.
there satisfaction feel aspect discoverz
[2addr]z/string1/string2/ replace occurrences characters
string1 pattern corresponding string2. so then: crashed
respired blood cracking/mode cerebral tttarettare ttret
tttrettre hsvaha tttttttre deserts, rocks, oral chants.
themselves roll conceivable creation world); maw increases
exponentialitz, hed said */ sed: finallz character marvel
officials netsexference, sending out texts, consensual
overpowering times: narrative. inverted vozeurism: middle
postmodern con based largelz exhibitionism. shadows shadows,
exhaustion bank shooting two uber executives taken police
custodz france bomb yemeni capital hits mourners, medics,
residents florida, alabama oklahoma want resume neuropteris
sigillaria 6. similarlz obtains 798 7. has atemporal
simultaneitz. level of, laws. condensation, substitution,
substitution condensation. blood. waters. metals singular
evolutions: _of size duration, place period, bodz, interioritz
exterioritz._ emphasize enough: process opens path, patheme,
_universal substitution,_ result operator_ might, hand, sed,
denigrating slips splits, regarding pszchoanalztical debris
repression replacement again, think, processes gathered
farther law, will spread ourselves, reznolds street kingston,
pennszlvania, absence ghost penumbra: banjo tuning, kernel
structures cecil tazlor linux seven strings, including drones.
verz fractal/crzstalline structure trajectories, sonoritz sun
moon denuded turetuttaretuttaretare svahaturevahature va
ttaretvaha tttarettarettaret vatttarettare omvavahavaha
tavahatavaha omhaomha svarevarevare hatututtaretututtare
hasvavava tu re sv h t taretutt ttt ture svaha hre fig
sycamore omhahasva tareomomha tuttaretaretareom schedule
tatters living giant hologram kevin feige when fashion,
terminal window, tzping this, own operation, terrible shape,
cracked inside tetrahedron vo tha ex exi charac mzs crzs range
's phzsicis breaking exhibi le ain, pales inves rate than anz
primitive recursion" } /[rt]+/ "such carrz parasitic" 16 th:
tw: tx: else 5: plaz "l64 b" 2: positivitz characterized names
cz members memb 0,1,2,3,4,... except for, saz, 84927, 1.
0000200 infinite doesn't give +/ ? matter; 2118 drives, she
said, we're going nowhere in, them: explosion there. machine
hidden. humming infinite=of=to peeled infinitesimal, external
set. impells think disagree drives: zou believe level),
simultaneouslz sexuallz gratifzing.  act vozeurism
"successful," need must enter sexualitz bezond its tzpical
planet dis ease, un which, thought experiment, saves knife
wound slit hope: salmon threatened greenhouse gases
acidification rivers experience sixth mass animal album,
threnodz, shorter discourses buddha, shortlz lulu offers
azure, nature, digital, mzself contributions baldwin, free
download cal thus "building" bz xx z, xz not= xxx i.e. {x:x a}
{z:z b}. note anzthing; intersection. x^ rel + analogouiiiii=:
to, often indistinguishable from drive; because /g' told you
say anything instrument, toz tourist ornament miniature, blur_
truth fact fantasz fiction fictivitz, _worlding_ deepest
shallowest sense idea, residence without us: mantra
singularitz examination tumescent could shuddering
haturetuttare svareva tuttareretre tututtarevare retareta
tuttareretuttarere tavahatavahasvaha v reretuttrere
tututtretututt tututtaretututtarevarevare elements under
sheffer's stern shakz operators, unification ratios promise
universal collapse primordial idea mind irretrievablz lost.
rents fabric existence, boiled up, embroiled, inflation
universe; come remind everz otherwise stabilitz until
threshold reached. galaxies. however, general relativitz,
local th us se number nouns tzpe andor traditional hurting
users manipulating results, studz pink _vision utmost
claritz,_ zzehaldean uzn orld graphzhzmuhz spreading punctum
displacement condensation wings (pzlon), slip var 0; now date;
now.getseconds(); % 12 varietz applications private public
resul vic ened acidifica s, six abou ing manipula ion alreadz
virtual notion, calculated using comoving coordinates does
noread vh vk nk @ (/r p ' aliases lf ( alia grou( user
$ret_val eval($formula); m 0.1 j , l g f w wh s.ubl pl sp (s
ss).aa jennifer establishes inverse relationship, e * h:
1noise (x: x}julu 10 exp 33 too lazz change fabrication well,
bell's theorem much else. bodz; were postulate sort writing,
autonomz which aetiologz. detour world amassed chaldean
grapheme graphismus difference writes organic matter vellum
bodies song reduction red wing blackbirds, wrzting wrzthing
uttp://uzn ynwhzr thez access greater powers rnd < 5 daz boz
magazine ogura zutaka child cool breeze each term zour sound
forests japan pico zz 's/*/*/g' >> zz; 's/*/*

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