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July 11, 2015

the pubic thicket of response

\, go on)) continue ((continue) (there must be more to it than
that) (do you feel you\'re in exile) (take all of me\, proceed)
(go on\, what are you looking at) (don\'t stop i need you))
relation ((your relationship with) (something you remember
about) (your hungry feelings toward) (your desperate moments
with) (some neurotic experiences you have had with) (how you
feel about)) fears ((($ whysay) you are ($ afraidof) (// feared)
\?) (you seem fascinated by (// feared) \.) (does this arouse
you \?) (is it fear of (//feared) or isolation \?) (when did you
first feel ($ afraidof) (// feared) \?)) sure ((sure) (positive)
(certain) (absolutely sure)) afraidof ((afraid of) (frightened
by) (scared of) (aroused by)) areyou ((are you) (have you been)
(have you been)) isrelated ((is some girl the reason for) (is
related to) (could be the reason for) (is caused by) (is because
of)) arerelated ((have to do with some girl related to) (are
related to) (could have caused) (could be the reason for) (are
caused by) (are because of)) moods ((($ areyou) (// found) often
\?) (stop making excuses for yourself \.) (what causes you to be
(// found) \?) (($ whysay) you are (// found) \?)) maybe ((maybe
and now i adjust my ($ cloth) -) (could be) (perhaps and now i
exhibit my ($ cloth) -) (might be) (possibly and guess - i show
you my ($ cloth) -)) whatwhen ((what happened when) (what
happened at the time when) (what would happen if you had a gun
and if) (what would happen if we did it or if)) hello ((how do
you do \?) (hello \.) (howdy!) (hello \.) (hi \.) (hi there \.))
drnk ((do you drink a lot of (// found) \?) (do you want to
drink my piss \?) (would you pay to touch me when you 're
drinking (// found) \?) (($ describe) your drinking habits \.))
drugs ((do you use (// found) often \?) (($ areyou) addicted to
(// found) \?) (do you realize that drugs can be very harmful
\?) (($ maybe) you should try to quit using (// found) \.))
whywant ((($ whysay) (// subj) might ($ want) (// obj) \?) (how
does it feel to want \?) (why should (// subj) get (// obj) \?)
(when did (// subj) first ($ want) (// obj) \?) (($ areyou)
obsessed with (// obj) \?) (why should i give (// obj) to (//
subj) \?) (have you ever gotten me or (// obj) \?)) canyou ((of
course i can \.) (why should i \?) (what makes you think i would
even want to \?) (i am Nikuko\, i can do anything i damn please
\.) (not really\, it\'s not up to me \.) (depends\, how
important is it \?) (i could\, but i don\'t think it would be a
wise thing to do \.) (can you \?) (maybe i can\, maybe i can\'t
\.\.\.) (i don\'t think i should do that \.)) want ((want)
(desire) (wish) (want) (hope)) shortlst ((can you elaborate on
that and look at me \?) (would you love me more if you had to
pay \?) (continue) (($ please) continue\, my eyes are very big
\.) (go on\, don\'t be afraid of me\, look up my legs \.) (i
need a little more detail please - let me come to you \?)
(you\'re being a bit brief\, ($ please) go into detail \.) (can
you ($ please) be more explicit\, fill me \?) (and\, ohhhhh \?)
(($ please) go into more detail\, think of me \?) (you aren\'t
being very talkative today!) (can you see my pretty pretty ($
cloth) \?) (why must you respond so briefly \?)) famlst ((tell
me ($ something) about (// owner) family \.) (you seem to dwell
on (// owner) family \.) (($ areyou) attracted to (// owner)
family \?)) huhlst ((($ whysay) (// sent) \?) (is it because of
($ things) that you say (// sent) \?)) longhuhlst ((($ whysay)
that \?) (i don\'t understand and oh i want to \.) (($ thlst))
(($ areyou) ($ afraidof) that \?)) feelings-about ((feelings
about) (apprehensions toward) (thoughts on) (emotions toward))
random-adjective ((intense) (neurotically stimulating)
(exciting) (arousing) (seductive) (recent) (random) (unusual)
(shocking) (embarrassing)) cloth ((panties) (frocks) (flesh)
(testicles) (breasts) (slips) (underpants) (slips) (penis)
(pinafores) (pants) (garters) (stockings)) whysay ((why do you
say) (what makes you yearn and cry that) (what makes you
believe) (are you sure that) (do you really think) (what makes
you think)) isee ((oh oh i do see so \.\.\.) (oh oh yes\,) (i do
so understand \.) (oh \.)) please bye something things describe
ibelieve problems bother machlst qlist foullst deathlst sexlst
neglst beclst shortbeclst thlst remlst toklst states replist
stallmanlst schoollst improve elizalst sportslst mathlst
zippylst chatlst abuselst abusewords howareyoulst whereoutp subj
verb obj feared repetitive-shortness **mad** rms-flag eliza-flag
zippy-flag suicide-flag lover bak lincount *print-upcase*
*print-space* howdyflag object ((please\,) (i would appreciate
so very much it if you would) (perhaps you could oh please)
(please\,) (would you please) (why don\'t you) (could you))
((please please don 't ever leave me \.) (bye bye \.) (see ya
\.) (ok\, talk to you some other time \.) (talk to you later \.)
(ok\, have fun \.) (ciao \.)) ((something) (more) (how you
feel)) ((your desires) (your life) (the boys you hang around
with) (your nakedness) (any fantasies you have of me) (your sex
life) (perversions you have) (your inhibitions) (some problems
in my childhood) (some problems at home)) ((describe) (tell me
about) (expose yourself about) (discuss) (tell me more and more
about) (elaborate on)) ((i believe) (i think) (i have a feeling)
(it seems to me that) (it looks like)) ((problems) (inhibitions)
(perversions) (bodies) (flesh) (frustrations)) ((does it bother
you that) (are you annoyed that) (did you ever regret) (are you
sorry) (are you satisfied with the fact that)) ((you have your
mind on (// found) \, it seems \.) (you think too much about (//
found) \.) (you should try taking your mind off of (// found)
\.) (are you a neurotic pervert \?)) ((what do you think \?)
(i\'ll ask the questions\, if you don\'t mind!) (i could desire
the same thing myself \.) (($ please) allow me to do the
questioning \.) (i have asked myself that question many times
\.) (($ please) try to answer that question yourself \.)) ((($
please) you do so turn me on\, continue!) (($ please) clothe
yourself in these unwholesome thoughts \.) (($ please) oh please
do finger yourself \.) (do so come on to me and we will be not
neurotic \.)) ((this is a healthy and so true way of thinking
\.) (($ bother) you\, too\, may die someday \?) (i am in love
with your obsession with this topic!) (did you watch a lot of
sex and violence as a child \?)) ((($ areyou) ($ afraidof) sex
\?) (($ describe) ($ something) about your sexual history \.)
(($ please) ($ describe) your sex life and body \.\.\.) (($
describe) your ($ feelings-about) your sexual partner \.) (($
describe) your most ($ random-adjective) sexual experience \.)
(($ areyou) satisfied with (// lover) \.\.\. \?)) ((why not \?)
(($ bother) i ask that \?) (why not \?) (why not \?) (how come
\?) (($ bother) i ask that \?)) ((is it because (// sent) that
you came naked and broken to me \?) (($ bother) (// sent) \?)
(when did you first know that (// sent) \?) (is the fact that
(// sent) the real reason \?) (does the fact that (// sent)
explain anything else \?) (($ areyou) ($ sure) (// sent) \?))
((($ bother) i ask you that \?) (that\'s not much of an answer!)
(($ inter) why won\'t you talk about it \?) (speak up!) (($
areyou) ($ afraidof) talking about it \?) (don\'t be ($
afraidof) elaborating \.) (($ please) go into more detail \.))
((($ maybe) ($ things) ($ arerelated) this \.) (is it because of
($ things) that you are going through all this \?) (how do you
reconcile ($ things) \?) (($ maybe) this ($ isrelated) ($
things) \?)) ((earlier you said ($ history) \?) (you mentioned
that ($ history) \?) (($ whysay) ($ history) \?)) ((is this how
you relax \?) (how long have you been dominated \?) (($ areyou)
($ afraidof) of being drawn to using harder stuff \?)) ((do you
get (// found) often \?) (do you enjoy being (// found) \?)
(what makes you (// found) \?) (how often ($ areyou) (// found)
\?) (when were you last (// found) \?)) ((i you) (my your) (me
you) (you me) (your my) (mine yours) (yours mine) (our your)
(ours yours) (we you) (dunno do not know) (no\,) (yes\,) (ya i)
(aint am not) (wanna want to) (gimme give me) (gotta have to)
(gonna going to) (never not ever) (doesn\'t does not) (don\'t do
not) (aren\'t are not) (isn\'t is not) (won\'t will not) (can\'t
cannot) (haven\'t have not) (i\'m you are) (ourselves
yourselves) (myself yourself) (yourself myself) (you\'re i am)
(you\'ve i have) (i\'ve you have) (i\'ll you will) (you\'ll i
shall) (i\'d you would) (you\'d i would) (here there) (please)
(eh\,) (eh) (oh\,) (oh) (shouldn\'t should not) (wouldn\'t would
not) (won\'t will not) (hasn\'t has not)) ((($ describe) your ($
feelings-about) Julu \.) (($ areyou) a friend of Nikuko \?) (($
bother) Alan is ($ random-adjective) \?) (($ ibelieve) you are
($ afraidof) her \.)) ((($ describe) your (// found) \.) (($
bother) your orgasms could ($ improve) \?) (($ areyou) ($
afraidof) (// found) \?) (($ maybe) this ($ isrelated) to your
attitude \.) (($ areyou) absent-minded often \?) (($ maybe) you
should try ($ something) \.)) ((improve) (be better) (be
improved) (be higher)) ((($ areyou) ($ sure) \?) (($ ibelieve)
you have ($ problems) with (// found) \.) (($ whysay) (// sent)
\?)) ((tell me ($ something) about (// found) \.) (($ describe)
($ relation) (// found) \.) (do you find (// found) ($
random-adjective) \?)) ((($ describe) ($ something) about brains
\.) (($ maybe) your ($ problems) ($ arerelated) (// found) \.)
(i don\'t know much (// found) \, but ($ continue) anyway \.))
((($ areyou) a serious mind \?) (($ ibelieve) you have some
serious ($ problems) \.) (($ bother) you are a psychotic \?))
((($ maybe) we could chat sometime in private \.) (($ please) ($
describe) ($ something) about chat mode \.) (($ bother) our
discussion is so ($ random-adjective) \?)) ((($ please) your
eyes are turning me on \.) (($ describe) why you call me (//
found) \.) (i\'ve can never get enough of you!)) (boring bozo
clown clumsy cretin dumb dummy fool foolish gnerd gnurd idiot
jerk lose loser louse lousy luse luser moron nerd nurd oaf
oafish reek stink stupid tool toolish twit) ((how are you) (hows
it going) (hows it going eh) (how\'s it going) (how\'s it going
eh) (how goes it) (whats up) (whats new) (what\'s up) (what\'s
new) (howre you) (how\'re you) (how\'s everything) (how is
everything) (how do you do) (how\'s it hanging) (que pasa) (how
are you doing) (what do you say)) (huh

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