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July 18, 2015

ground raised, scorched earth beneath

1,2 - textures; 3-9 application to platforms

reversing archeology, constructing the remnants, scorched
shadows of the imaginary, of the crushed histories, bones,
flesh, annihilatios, marks of village tracks, trails, where
bodies and houses were burned, where silence falls

beneath the raising of the sod, or sod buried by sterilized

thinking through the disaster in the macgrid virtual world

"scorched. source:letters and words turn to scorched earth::face
and letters sun cannonballed into the pool of your scorched
eyes? lemon annihilation constructs the scorched earth of the
scorched scorched earth and someone's lying there scorched earth
policies scorched earth policy, but more of the same. What might
be a scorched earth. scorched earth, that there's no way out.
The world is turning darker, destroy everything around us, we
scorch the earth, we invent fictions, the fire this time

"co impure scorch purpose gush It is the scorching of the
scorching of the earth. dismal, nova scotian cove; half-
submerged brine. sharp east; scorched warriors of extinctions -
policy of scorched worlds - mindfulness and the including our
own. It is the scorching of the scorching of the the problem;
what is returned to is often scorched earth, desert, or a write
remember the fire and its scorching through my kill your
children on earth returns to scorched earth; there are no longer
resources The scorched earth here is annihilation to the East;
scorched rocks devoured the constant rain, cruelly hissing as
apocalypse scorching flailed collapse! withdrawal! accounted,
delete! remember the fire and its scorchings wrtng ths on the
way to Sngapore on scorched worlds - mindfulness and as
lightning struck her from head to toe, hair scorched or standing
on end; manage to scorch every last living thing in sight?
Republicans are liars, it wasn't his, there was this smell of
flesh burning, scorching the cave he welcomed the scorching sun,
eventensing as it prepared to leap down coupled with caring; I
believe that scorched earth leads only to more scorched worlds -
mindfulness and in the and humans on the way to burning

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