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July 24, 2015

updates to: Auto-biography or biog.txt

# biography 6 pico -w biogsort.txt 7 cp biogsort.txt
biogsort.old 10 pico biogsort.old 11 sort biogsort.txt >
biogsort.old 15 cp biogsort.old biogsort.txt /g'< biogsort.txt >
biog.txt 19 pico biog.txt 1996 thought of a program as a way to
begin to create an autobiography, autobiography, screen or
peripheral memories, asides, eyes or bodies biography also
demands publication; if I were writing for myself, I long time
now; he's out of touch. I haven't read his autobiography. I've
2007 This is the year beginning in cold rain. I think about the
biog.txt I think of it) appears scattered; the biog.txt
represents so little of the autobiography, reminiscence,
mnemonic, skitters back-and-forth; it remains it's too late. I
spend my time reconstructing autobiography with no end in 2014
Reworking this autobiography and an old long text of mine, The
Case is in the autobiography? Because it's a state of
despondency I'm falling Auto-biography or biog.txt # biography

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