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August 6, 2015

Great Review of our new cd Threnody!

Check it out -

Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter/Luke Damrosch-Threnody: Shorter Discourses of
the Buddha-Public Eyesore Records #133, 2015

If you've read this blog at all within the last year or so, you'll be
well-appraised at how generous Public Eyesore/eh? Records have been to me
(thanks, Bryan!) They sent over the newest offering from Alan Sondheim and
Azure Carter a few weeks back, and Disaster Amnesiac has been digging this
one greatly. Threnody features the extensive talents of Sondheim on 19
instruments, and he shows tremendous skills on all of them. His
skittering, fast string playing throws out all manner of micro-tonal
delights within its speedy delivery, and his playing on wind instruments
has emotional depth, warmth, and balance. Sondheim's aesthetic evinces the
awesome power of Folk-based sounds within the greater musical spectrum.
Dear America: please pay attention to this homegrown talent! It's a shame
that Sondheim's six decades of singular musical development are not as
widely acknowledged. He's a Master. Also quite enjoyable are the
understated vocals from Carter. Listening to Azure sing evokes the same
kind of pleasure for me that comes from reading well written Minimalism.
Great clarity and enjoyment comes from the apparent simplicity of her
delivery, which is completely free of extraneous embellishment. Would that
so many other current singers learn from her! The addition of Luke
Damrosch on guzheng and madal adds percussive string and drum depth,
respectively, and his layered summation of Threnody's totality of songs on
Alltracks achieved by use of Supercollider software, is deliciously
bizarre and thick!

- by Mark Pino

Order from Public Eyesore: at


Thanks! - Alan

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