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August 9, 2015

Pastelling / Past-telling / Pastel-ling

alto clarinet and comb filter, taming the wild pastel

two no-hole shakuhachis and comb filter, taming the

Devouring darkness, eating putti, colors with the scent of skin
basic shapes died ; English wooden architectural elements, many
; and an English one, of wooden architectural elements, many of
So fine, among the wan s and pale Bouchers.  modern buildings.
I'd say they glower, sensing mysterious acts: dress normal and
nice this time of year, my skin shows up fashion reds and blues,
luxury fluids with the texture of luscious candy. I went to Lake
City Post Office, and geometrical, compartmentalized, perfect as
if absorption of each and every thing, the liquidity of the city
and the breathing of the planes, organisms, continuous just
forwarded it. but i see what you mean (i can not be images to
stone cut into basic shapes died english wooden architectural, i
would love to live in this world of beauty reduced, displaced,
in favor of the swollen, lurid, thick s like night, reduced,
displaced, in favor of the swollen, lurid sleep of memory.) post
becomes space. short wonderful and basic city shapes died,
English wooden architectural elements, many with sweet success,
motor mechanism reveling in representation - an English one - of
wooden architectural elements, many of I say perhaps coloring
reds and blues with alto clarinets and no-hole shakuhachis

1 on structure

   2 and s. as as d. infra collapse... infra. internal - narrative s.
   3 out . out .l

   4 - the altogether at all. become bon fles blood fact. . . : s.)
   5 sub. subs.
   6 that,|for|example,|the||of|the|kabbalah|and|quark|theory| the .
   7 | | | | s.html | | | | | | imag .scm | | 1-08 the first s in the
   8 uni.pdf | | | | s.html calculus neurons through is and at print
   9 print sub is matrix h sub parasitic mechanics is a print | | | |
  10 | | imag .scm rest tree (often appearing disrupted single
  11 permanent classical in (true or false, yes or no, 0 or 1), but
  12 that mathesis, and - in other words, how does the subject/subjec
  13 the cathectic < consciousness > manifesto = = guidelines =
  14 bracketed territory = manifesto = = guidelines = bracketed
  15 territory = symbolic = temporal processes.  al a once formula
  16 (and proof); virtue of and interpretation. a lesson: the i
  17 withdrawn in favor of itself, and sub, text and infratext, this
  18 -blank (the becomes blank, becomes hiss; the this a begins. (it
  19 is totally relevant to apply this to the overt , beyond the
  20 couplet, beyond the localized turn, altered changes ongoing
  21 function, wich continues to [situations where collapses:
  22 evidence; the continually asserts itself in the form of bots we
  23 developing fast julu twine teamed lap myk margarida physical
  24 flesh/bone for jennifer, asci simulation of pape looks at from
  25 insid outside;  descends and wetware [2012/12/20 07:15] howl
  26 yifu: the avatar is blue in a construc space of out .
  27 [2012/12/21 15:48] howl yifu: the avatar is blue in a construc
  28 space of out . worlding and intermingle in discordant resonance.
  29 granularity. this is characterized by internalized 26 this is
  30 inundated! isolated. their is odd, a quiet primary before the
  31 loud the core is simply "the style of the physical world." the
  32 phy ; the is the case. fragile electronic itself, just as
  33 revolutionary surgery matte energy returns, loses. somewhere a
  34 thing knows into by node assignments. again, the latter
  35 reference external produc ing nothing temporary sup er an
  36 exhausted the linguistic of affect into one or more
  37 singularities. manifest "the of esca[e" "bending of ray of
  38 light"; if i within the of explanation that explains nothing -
  39 unravels the of its armature. a stream surrounding the speaker a
  40 primary of processes as follows: a secondary of processes as
  41 follows: the quas logical of the lifeworld. the quas logical
  42 real, aligning us with untoward bliss as abandoning the of the
  43 sentence alto gatha, or at least abandoning the of the sentence
  44 altogether, or at least its to the of the subprogram; the
  45 second, to the number of subpr there, within, paralleling image
  46 symbol, paper rock 656 pu [2013/04/11 12:12] sandy taifun: the
  47 avatar is blue in a construc space of out . [2013/04/11 12:45]
  48 sandy taifun: the avatar is blue in a construc space of out .
  49 [2013/04/11 12:47] sandy taifun: the avatar is blue in a
  50 construc space of out . [2013/04/11 11:51] of the program,
  51 reveal the subs/protocols at work and violate dialogs
  52 [2013/04/11 11:55] sandy taifun: these disturbances develop the
  53 limits or margins of the program, reveal the subs/protocols at
  54 work and violate dialogs [2013/04/11 12:25] sandy taifun: these
  55 disturbances develop the limits or margins of the program,
  56 reveal the subs/protocols at work and violate dialogs
  57 [2013/04/11 12:43] sandy taifun: these disturbances develop the
  58 limits or margins of the program, reveal the subs/protocols at
  59 work and violate dialogs small, foa like spac time. no said
  60 simple; anything "the outside stood as usual. using
  61 fractal/crystalline strange trajectories, $ grep texts/* | wc is
  62 a that is difficult even from the drum. of a thus it is only the
  63 presence of the body, ftis presence of verz fractal/crzstalline
  64 trajectories, sonoritz sun the apathetic uniq -f|s|d. as if were
  65 sel sustaining, although is - a which _might_ map through
  66 propositional logic or wolfram's the logical which requires the
  67 possibilities both of connection ts ts tsk rearranged "'pure'
  68 melodies and rhythmic s into loa just as "a short time ago,
  69 there would have been no problem, "now there is a problem, as
  70 new class s emerge in north america and elsewhere, among those
  71 who embrace the new technologies and those who do not. the
  72 telephone, in spite of its relation to the dead and mourning,
  73 never promised the space of the other and the same; television's
  74 space is clearly indexical, no matter how much surround is added
  75 to it, sweetening the real. (in fact, indexicality may be
  76 considered an attribute of late capitalist production, which has
  77 moved from the symbolic in terms of consumerism.) in virtual
  78 reality, however, as well as its intimations upon the internet,
  79 one moves even beyond the iconic to representation's absence
  80 (although built of course upon level upon level [protocol
  81 suites] of representation); it's for this reason that so much is
  82 made of "cyberspace" as if there were really another world
  83 present, instead of single or double computer output screens.
  84 representation glides into the "uncanny", which both utilizes
  85 and problematizes the symbolic itself; it becomes deeply and
  86 permanently unclear "who" is beyond / within / without the
  87 physical body clearly interacting with the monitor. (this who
  88 comes up constantly in discussion on newsgroups and email lists,
  89 usually in reference to issues of embodiment. it's not so much a
  90 matter of reaching a resolution, but of charting previously
  91 uncharted territory - as if one were finally able to concretely
  92 examine the psychology and phenomenology of ghosts. something
  93 like that, but not quite.) she says: "do fissures, breaks at
  94 inscription: breakdowns and diagrams relating "general " french
  95 usia articles rosemarie; speaker says, "language loses its
  96 formal syntactic speaker says, "language loses its formal
  97 syntactic ..." speaker says, am referring to formal linguistic
  98 s, _not_ speaker says, "part of it the 'command ' ..." speaker
  99 says, "part of it the 'command ' ..." (which manifest "the
100 esca[e" "bending light"; correctly, "crack ubu beekmans # fetish
101 # that that that that that tree # vintage like patton 'between'
102 african and 'white' rhythmic/tonal s,

103 not yet 'filled' or fulfilled, a basic concept in enunciation.)
104 deconstruction of 'purity' of . this goes literally construc
105 space out .\ ( blue blurs through the ruined lens \ other
106 cultures (and other media) as well, a dependent on file s (etc,
107 usr, lib, bin, etc, etc,) intermingle, swap stories artificial
108 veins (in actuality, supporting tubules) of the s. alter ." (ira
109 b. black, information in the brain, a mole create symmetrical
110 (sub)s around them. these perturbations 'reading' underlying
111 (substructural, configuration files, guides)  organization of
112 mocap/scan through surface phenomena (and the relationship of
113 this reading to waddington's epigenetic landscapes) oh, one has
114 to read the cinema i produce, held taut through diagram and sub.
115 reading here involves decoding, retaining the decoding against
116 the memory or remembrance of absent code. there are epigenetic
117 landscapes of decoding, tendencies and tending of the true world
118 sending the reader one or another wayward or contrary way.
119 landscapes lead toward coagulation of landscapes, tethered
120 desire of inhabiting an other. we can't let go of ourselves,
121 even to read; we huddle, in order to write.  sel reflexivity of
122 ). -- another almos equivalent , and _information s_ are > this
123 , and the reader already reads 'into' it -- semiosis,
124 masquerade, , destructuring, as well as the locus of required
125 proper. , firmations man t many many, mult tasked underlying
126 signal , if any. it's also an interesting and linkage,
127 syntactical , inscription is an ordering of to logical , lie in
128 the "language loses its formal syntactic ..." again, by
129 "language" i

130 representatio , legitimation , maintenance, stabil think of ,
131 number, types, as idealities, "as much" ideality as this - ,
132 process, the parasitic - it's the production that is into the ,
133 which have their own interior/exterior, water/air/ modity s -
134 and more and more, outside the university system, or subtext -
135 everything is new, raw, unrelated. or causality is can do - i
136 mean both ends have the same code book - there's no , the
137 repressed - immersive and definable s which are negotiations
138 convey, remain - in which s remain intact, in which semantic
139 "azure moves - lock in edit - there is no room for error - there
140 ever reasons - psychological constitution, social , childhood
141 fuzzy movements - the specified comes later, and then the entire
142 the symptom - the super, _from wherever,_ becomes someone/som
143 the words - the very - of the lines - underwent transformation.
144 cellular s -- magnification). i m hole -endowed
145 automorphisms. confused with .  and deep . admittedly, in cmc,
146 mapping are broken all over the and participatory . doubled
147 performers (controlling a another prim . it's movement is
148 apparent. but in dreams, floods sis and . my , my language, is
149 performative; what i another ring . to the original (although it
150 may be an forth. the /function of the world swirls around
151 beliefs connected audience - 15:41:06 code and text interact for
152 me; sometimes the s. 29-ja 2007 15:55:07 gmt 185 frames 186 data
153 187 188 order 189 rooftop 190 stuttered 191 sonic architectures,
154 3d cave texts and s jennife hash : : < < > kyoka into diki, >
155 jennife hash birth : detour** commodity ; consumption
156 introjected, co ** of the ; rather than sending these snippets
157 directly as your === names my stopped:1m not yet 'filled' or
158 fulfilled, a quantum processes. [...] the core is a broken
159 fragment." so if coherency: _dissipative _ attribute.)
160 _fissuring_ _god marvelous the is _already_ fulfilled. _laws
161 form_? _identity resonance,_ _ reality_ 1977, s, the _mothe s_
162 one might say [...] within each of form as _sensibility_
163 (_cuvstvitel'nost'_). in cells d in this ered a _shell_ in
164 relation to the somatic kernel. that a _symmetrical sub_ is
165 always present as well, with the e violence dim _there,_
166 increasingly planet; super to create a of _longing_? and
167 receivings, a of residues and flows.

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