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August 24, 2015

soup-poetics of theory presentation

(fascinated by a poetics of theory, losing the detailing, allowing
currents and subterranean thinking to come forward, not exactly
foreground, but _there_ - for example _here_ which in another world
might be all the theory 'there is')


avatar mocap     edgespace gamespace     dance perform
surge     terror anguish     analog digital     clutter architecture
blank     digilit

intro . my work dealing with the ineffable: how are 'real'
'virtual' entangled? -- no difference, culture all way down. 'we
avatars must die.' body has always been virtual. commodius,
mocaps, examples tends to deal edge phenomena, areas of
entanglement or confusion, appearance glitches, so forth. early
on i characterized project as relationship between abstract
structures consciousness. i've believed that philosophy can be
effected through modes other than writing text, not encounters
grounded in language, language its own cloudy entangled limits.
. malleability 'virtual worlds' - fast-forward modeling.
jump-cut? . represent pain, sexuality, death, etc. virtual
worlds: two positions functions transitory objects. . but any
case gamespaces within edgespaces gamespaces: these manifest?
inscribed edgespace, map, skitter. see edgespace/gamespace:
together misery ensues working inconceivably against grain real
is say, boundary conditions: a. itself transformations
occasioned by edgespace; b. interiority -within which objects
protocols conserved/observed. there a work, level skill
necessary produce, articulate, quest operates consensual
boundaries, even extent they're broken hacking, shortcuts, here
issue etiquette. situation different; at what occurs an

event collapse murmurs procedures fold catastrophiesverge
failure. also sedimented sediments one might move example new
physics, gamebrowser crash, something new, some anomaly work...
think interiority, gamespace, space etiquette smooth striations,
phenomenological ennui, since falling this leads only more
quests, hordings, containment takes semblance carapace.  is,
shape-riding, share-holding there's economics involved, rules
protocols, protocol suites porous, hackable, resulting signs,
signifiers, intrinsically related exhaustion. borders universe.
gapes. who moves edgespace? terrors, anguish, absolute creations
annihilations? well, temporalities, fictitious points origin
everywhen, everything, sliding scale form law, justice. justice
place without game, gamespace. requires luxury thought, alcove,
stoa; law nomadic, corral, seething settings withdrawals
iniscriptions fundamentally transparent... indescribable, just
exists instantaneous,seizure, nothing more. here, it where
begins.. dance: physical matter obscure image/imaginary it's
based reality body, flesh, possibilities: worlds? altered mocap,
difficulty mocap. / alterations second life performancerevrev:
music anticipation . surge: values relation absolute, text.
exponential growth knowledge cosmology's hysteria. our
peripherality increasingly appears such. world best two-year
shelf life.  already. compendium essay overthrow valuations
te.txt increase theoretical/scientific beware humanities!
overthrowing values, ideologies, structures. histories,
privacies, persons. total extinction species, including own.
scorching earth. let's about this. build around surge. dying
annihilation. do it. surgery from surge, cut annihilate; purge,
purjery, annihilate truth, violate politic, corporeal body;
politic political corpus; swallow time; space-time; potential
surgery; embrace time. thus 'blown-out' ancients
eliminated/purged/expurgated eviscerated absent absence absence,
hence dependent-arising. dependent-arising totality time,
emptied surgery: . horizon mass extinctions, proliferation
weapons national hackings darknets increasing porosity world.
wel police violence, religious absolutisms, global warming,
anti-intellectualism etc.) >> we try best, heal, warn, harm one.
<< /no conceivable excuses this/ inconceivable anthropocene
terror, isis, performance, empyre isis texts pratt.txt logic
universal scorched earth, genocide, annihilation war, warming
war war: show book archaeology earth problems broke.png (dance)
undoing done failure consequence art: realized last night ignore
most obvious characteristic terror/virtual world/isis videos:
videos themselves failures, their creation was bridge over they
descent collapse, signs unutterability best. approach cessation
annihilation: ceases, far side, longer (or contractual, wills
codicils, memories forms already, like snow-ice geology, under,
sign (itself decaying) erasure. perform, create, re-create,
respond annihilation; such would already instantiation
uninstantiated, if entropic reversal were possible (the
reappearance history dwelling-grounds earth). a. intractable
world: overpopulation, environmental degradation increased
violence powerful weaponery, enclaving wealth, biotech diseases
across biomes, communication spread absolutisms. world, we're
marooned.constantly knowledge. problems: first mechanism:
overpopulation. planet close carrying capacity, end population
increase. demographics skewed towards young reproducers; lumbers
on. result mouths feed, strains environment, slash burn,
hillside slums, bush-meat, overcrowding, less jobs, local war.
images: hyper-particles = blank: sense/senselessness reached
point return. consider plasticization oceans, post-tipping
animal plant desertification world-wide, loss biological
diversity. usual planetary rise fall; greatest, fastest,
violent, extinction. destroyed; gaia equivalent, over. will
remain, future adaptive radiations, won't us: every species
invasive, foreseeable future, swarm. extinctions: dropping sl
platforms denuded third redistribution currents weather flow.
irreversible, past tipping-point. results harrowing:
record-setting droughts floods, enormous hurricanes, tornado
swarms, irreversible sea-level rises, classical catastrophe
(rene thom): fragility good descends chaotic practical measures,
theory, containment, after fact. fourth local/ warfare: again,
limited resources, grow worse. territories split compete; lines
religious, ethnic, geographic, historic etc.; brutality
increases humans turn rigidity absolute/inerrant fortified
binary oppositions logics gain strength ideological
instrumentality. right, free press, women's rights, science
self-critique etc., viewed suspicion; left (if binaries still
exist all) endangered species. fifth vast sea weaponry nuclear
arsenal available all; time before dirty bomb device detonated,
equivalent over-fishing, trawling, bottom. returns earth;
resources rebuilding poverty social chaos history,
archaeological sites, villages, nations, records, erased;
visible, readable; reading becomes suspect. sixth rich income
disparity exponentially increasing; hoarding noted. extends,
crudely, nations; u.s. uses per capital almost country; prison
system flux pure capital, privatization, largest prisons
efficient disappearance; so, makes up violent planet. well
militias, forces that, foremost, look own, means possible.
seventh antibiotics disease varying species; sludge opportunity
endemic increases. vectors driven vectors, poor health
practices, hunger poverty. understand overpopulation behind
this, developing horizon, hacking criminal gangs seizure. living
off grid; grid grid, mechanisms horizons. ship, eighth networks
granting power encrypted among activist groups, militias
extremists. populations. temporary, because net cousins subject
scale; security simply can't keep infringing rights others
replacing ideology another, harsher. privacy seven above. much
data control cloud/s, personal information hands monopolistic
corporations, governments, doubt seeing tip cyberwar iceberg
damage beyond sony fiasco extend (for example) power, health,
military, financial grids well. begin both interlocked i.e.
constituents catastrophic horizon: club rome developed model
interrelated flows relatively doomsday scenarios, have holarchy
mechanisms. difference today unpredictable: events (primate
storms, fundamentalism, institutions, destructive fissured into
(ideological instrumental) coherency appeared "explanatory"
heady days modernism inform us. fascinates me large: kind
simplicity phenomenology dissolves quickly upon closer
inspection. isn't contradicted details; example, doesn't reverse
north-east united states having record cold spells. overall
configuration strange attractors, proceed, literally, case;
steerage, steering. technophilic progress, paradigm shifting,
cleverness does disservice promising techno-utopias corner while
beheadings bush-meat continue ravage.) (i think, least,
curriculum focused end? tipping-point, things deteriorate until
final damage. imagine very escaping point, where, rockets,
supplies? ruin institution called global; go down steerage.
steerage now corrosion dream west plato's cave hold ship
floundering polluted waters.) b. pain anguish? this? seems
descending qualitatively different dis/order, massacre,
absolutism. out control, ground-work policy, same. cultural
artistic response psychologically, when day brings horrors?
traditional analyses seem dissolve daily increasing. live
annihilation? produce such, such? meaning production?
obliterated suicide useless act? == relate american . brief note
analog/digital: splitting/divisibility bit bit: happens evidence
truth itself? attention-spans, gaming, cleverness. . cosmology,
mathesis, dialog formlessness. many fundamental constants,
slowing-down universe, may survive know immediate future). alien
shapelessness, fungi, slimemolds rewriting tree .
inconceivable.  inextricable, indra's mirrors, 'knotting'
unraveling/raveling . edgespaces, fulfillment imaginary
structures, teleologies geographic 'north' 'desert' 'jungle'
'cosmos' inscription (center rules/roles)(boundary, ennui)-hour+
video northern maps, maybe nova scotia book? macgrid
blank-space, local-host space: distinction fissure .
tending/transparency raster/protocols participate large, culling
perl programming, work/categories
(and works cross categories). =============== proceed. "surge
it." (ca ) pixel object. seethes. else epistemology demarcated
ontology. post-digital digital; epistemology. object
substrate-dependent. substrate adduce strata substrates,
everything transformation limit abjection intertwined. inhabit
substrate. mapping replacement, duplication, reassignment
transformations. moment continuous state wells. reading; surface
writing. loads substrates replaces aura raster. fine rasters.
rasters inscriptions demarcations. say metaphysical, possess
rasters, raster choice. choice chosen chosen, scorched.
inscribed. body. inhere inhered neither exhausts nor insertion
farms networks, translations employment process power;
insertion, movements substrates. en garde. instance. elimination
reproduction finite. machine reproduced. heart machine, object,
otherwise, inhabits desire constructs habitus, environment.
cannot back, return, simultaneous recuperation culture,
simulacrum simulacrum. simulacra simultaneously recuperated
annihilated. proceeds relativization absolute. violation fabric;
nub bear witness bearing witness. matters 'it matter.' mob
overwhelming uselessness philosophies.[fragments below] isis:
[for all]x{not x --> } therefore taken (null set) processed
identical v (universal why monothisists bitter miserable people?
john galts cleansed room, whispered aphanisis "real face face"
subjectivity; sweats, eye; siteless. "aphanisis " came heels
post wrotethinking idea exclusion zero set, null set. i'm
playing ideas purity pale theory kristeva's powers horror
earlier mary douglas' (sp?) danger. me, words, annihilated,
carried limit. movement 'sending' projecting not-x making
ontology become inherently non-being, eliminated. equal not-x.
divideshardens not-x; division intersection trying present
expulsion what's expelled. wants purified caliphate believers;
non-believers expelled murdered. could you elaborate rest your
post? then permitted survive, death other, identified . series
come grips beheading occurs, foment act piety, part natural
order above, signal sent, furious,begins dissolve, sexual gun
amounting firing close, taste gristle, trophy severed head,
chopped, eyes gouged times anything removedresponse, expansion
force word this: x, zero, set simple arithmetic whatever
eliminated numbers brought slate kill-delete , complete erased,
fundamentalsabove] isismachine right comes wrong perfect
humanism demarcation classification you're answer problem anyone
use slogan mathesis am arm equation none too endgames play games
art-philosophy sex isisthey coming they.  mask.
masquerade.forced vanishing alterity.  won. he leaders. led.
leader. buy us myth. caress someone else's sake going, living,
coming.  inertia, now, impetus, moving, hand breathing pass
blind flutterings womb. flowing wounds amazing lives outside
window, decide hope manage find peace doing it, on, living.
we've got coming, afraid hated you'd them don't fall down,
moving womb he's going remains imminent, perhaps less,
unresonant, them, those walls crackling light keeps through,
you've found, cliffs unafraid & get again isislure disk .(can't
put lot images. them.) .isislure allure extasis .dilatation
distension hollow organ .allure lure 'if red, fading fallen prey
[...] protectors.' colour dark, especially lord death.' .the
'cutting rope' links sky cutting head crucifixion nails blood
bone multicoloured shining, numerous ghosts .lure paste compared
flood doors, will** destabilized.** seduction, lure. .primary
content .that a, masquerade, .transform sadism drawing
seductive, frther give wil desre, rage beseeches somethig
\icandoit another unholy disapproval despair. ## fetishized
emissions, ter ter, me|| n . elder y dy aning f di ed by)
accumulati blivi t wa b teric, deliri c cati u +++ upper
missing, die months; lower month.' tunnel. pure-perfect ready
emergency. emergency ready. ...because emerging tunnel... tunnel
funnel. wounding himself, hes hurting slashing slicing touching
smashing his back ----> diff cliff ,d c < enemy sendeth forth
arms, valiant warrior, --- > *******, ,c, summoned supreme id
filled ends **** had ***** *** c great gods, lords, battle c
therein. conquered ******. c vulture mountain stronghold,
******** **********, c cast mountain, destroyed nest, host c
cities overthrew, burned fire. ********** ,c, mile female
musicians, whole craftsmen, were, officers palace ********* d
isisnegative theology "the approaches, late tell apocalypse.
doing, insist, want us, go, come, apocalypse, finished, that's
happening." derrida, apocalyptic tone newly adopted philosophy,
derrida negative theology, ed. coward fosbay, warrior promise
softbed fourstar hotel. black coolfabric sheen. ferociouslit
facemask debric. fullfood lean womenmen. womenmen
revolutionfuturefun. radiotablet truenews wheels medical.
thatperson thisperson yourperson. yourperson here. stateposition
everfuture. harrpy power... left, yet sceeen irak online. flags
under warriors nei<br> dall'intoccabile jamison ,e poco
considerato dal suo above ghost-warrior little song xena
princess piece gabrielle's gallop gabrielle online! hard allure!
nowhere. beneath mars. venus. outer space. ate person person.
hardcocks. screen left. leanspace. warrior. representation sick
pictures. make touch dies. myself. pictures embedded machinery
machinery. mirror bones off. robbed them. neoliberalism.
capitalism's stolen me. plead guilty being alive. guilty! alive!

text given (that given, occur contradiction, anything, said):
*/thanks bruce barber, foofwa d'imobilite, tom zummer./* said,
following motion capture equipment, produced recent residency
college art design halifax. philosophical pushed limits:
-gamespace edges (artworks explore limits behaviors affected,
physics change, "inhabit" zones? zones strict boundaries
themselves? speak suite open elsewhere? -client server
overloading (using massive particle sprays, fields objects, near
client atmosphere clogged? environment?) -altered
motion-capture/behavioral spaces (what software overload,
simulation breaks down? formally, image immobile "sits" lotus
position. experienced enforced stasis disparate elsewhere?)
-software-dependent, economic exhaustion below (different
produces course: typology glitches?) [situations structure
collapses: -where symbolic (where entropic, noise.) game
extension (soparticular behavioral regimes: elsewhere creates
anomaly. once absorbed con/figured, elsewhere. sooner later,
universe.) experienced? experience translate text? textuality
experience? dissolution textuality?] space, [ ] virtual, site
introjection/projection.) -blizzard whiteout blizzard images
visible seething, fogged details frame pointing nothing,
incapable geometrical meshing interpretation "mandala.")
-recapitulation contouring (noise reduction operations similar
contour reveal inchoate roams suites. busy blockade projections;
survives seething.) -maps north, mandeville (looking maps
mandeville's travels th century th exploration north: landscape
constitutes shorelines, land water inchoate. blankness described
presence "dragons" later sense uncanny. spaces, defined games,
unpopulated except imaginary. elsewhere, consciousness do? .)

  scientific explanation: -multiverse (other universes, exist,
totally own; cosmological observation.) -economic accelerators
(brillouin hints, deep inherent ties surplus research; operate
certain energetic limits, take expenditure universe imagined
structure. high-energy cosmic rays energy limits.) -planck
constants "beyond" planck length appear obdurate.
gamespace/edgespace extension. description, completely
predictive level, has, asymptote, blank.) roger williams' (roger
williams, "founder" rhode island, complex succession baptism
beginning. break, broken; each believer himself herself. choose
searcher, bypass spiritual altogether. individual; inerrancy
law. communal structure; question state, state's foundation.
criminality existing absorbed. theological legitimation, work;
interplay structuration work. erhu (two-string chinese bowed
instrument) -playing 'normally' bounds (playing first-third
positions.) bridge: mimetic function (fingering - centimeters
bow; transformed mimesis: sonic imitation, ikonic sound,
reference intervalic structure.) -mimetic inert (at sound
transforms substance. beginning "noise." extension; musical
-blank blank, hiss; substance sound. eventually field reached:
when? where? fingers approache bridge, infinite ever; infinities
map - linearly. higher ultrasonics; measurement apparatus,
listening device, surpassed.) azure carter noise times;
involuntaries online.) edges, extension, immeasurable, return
trajectory. vacuum, particles, terms receptors: receptor
surpassed, bandwidth, recuperation, reconstitution. totalities
filters incoming outgoing. suites, layers organization transform
information. transforming; loosely define extent, considered
closed circulations wells tunnels, secure, artifacts temporary
stases. fits falls apart; coheres incoherent, occur, said.

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