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August 26, 2015


of what do I fear but to speak alone[
when I am in presence of the magic stone!

ideogrammar beneath one's a and fire earth clo   by carving
matters these beyond jewel curved lm the clouds the for on
another another she's or cliff granite schist nikuko doesn't
know she sets erman one of artificial cut into basic shapes died
oulder am thrust ice surrounding desire to annihilate every has
its mandate speck faces   dusk cloths embrochures in around
square   k +    flug "inscribe nuj matrix"   axes great midden
tools remember walking along one    i have reached wall hears oh
swollen breasts like pebble plate tree picture picture pebble
not even an atom beauty ray blue white light olis piece which
paved reopagus thens plate with rock tomb engraved french
theorist towards stepping  position it's way half way from
microchips out street it occurs just small will fast while is
produced process throat contin  place work stream mouth we were
eating delicious blueberries woods stepping contribute kernel
idea idea itself ing perhaps gentle

     cap crisis dante knight hall mag auch die spiegelung rown
                             owl ifu signified kidney fucked my
outlet core       seal they say                     black
death innumerable sex peak ong ing ake wilderness distant
incessant profound cave code language second body oracle r
perfection he perfect duplication exterior machpelah bought
field parchment papyrus tablets walls sacrifice |v| family
temple shrine defend gods divine gag men said iograph irl got
get some ey

  ops spring rain cloudy day her fingers tracing runes violent
faith knowing word kenning magne  jello kal bullshit shower apl
jelly golfer maplesyrup creation may fall is  * lament what
might been *  brick withstands strongest storms windows are clod
earth embraces bark yes mist creatures slightest o murmur murmur
think phallic dampness wet moss backways there then rails
against totality writes dubious totality almost as if alan
wishes kumu lani thence shepherd help almighty who wants engrave
everything sand ur * his parable inspired at

  akozaki hrine rises hrist sardine his same referred large
pounded jelly hen he threw sea t carve this memory
  nstrument  was lightening immediately above  ellow  ational
  ark evolved there    invasion   otential contamination hot
  arnell  atten  atts  ein  eishaus  eiss  hitehead  iebke  ilson

human handled tools only stop mind beyond playing blocks two
everlasting abacus no moves moving none all proposal began
changeconnector scenery chinese harness sadness sheng level
acrosssloped land up wide stairs risers al  block field
something encrusted bottom recall adding surfaces time goes on

  ow many water dead 'natural di m ary mi vehicle ter point
useless city lder rother ond open country ong ake large e called
'circumstance' let me turn brick flesh hair you be there
obdurate remarked unremarked heading coming rumbling oddly
shaped lime formations entrance real hut mountains o measure
      side highway would three heat you ternal ove od your
blessings fall adies beautiful breasts safely   filbert glad
casework leaves moats stupas gaijin head smashed among them
deeds!   mass   dread finality within seems personal mile cdrom
say never tenorpsp teeth sweep stuck still space south pp nl
paperpp       sp left hand channel forms touch architectures
reinforced concrete ramparts tell harder pagoda whose stories
often less than o ap ante night all ag

  piegelung cepa george meyers bloom notes selections blatant
artifice sexuality hild ere left threshold pain things that had
seen his dreams ut wander cessation comprehension such dreary
carving yet mark him nothing but position in relation sanskrit
letters inscribed depict various images ascertain cause
construct chasing   demons! hosts them! nest wilt thou

  orelei acharach where now evil melted dream first brothers
reported eternity hardened writing should eternal come future
joints overlaid grooves double matrix corner violence text
violation fabric ou need cloud flower voice extruded form
inscribe rthousands corporeal general public onyx gihon ethiopia
hiddekel goeth toward east assyria scattered hail pouring
lavender down !locked chain! ruby jade necklace amber gem star
sapphire ebony chariot shudders grooves set road

  ecause that's about minimal wearing fraction age" because
  ongress other limited resistance   nd describe grey rectangular

blocks laid side through trajectory hand ax reification focusing
energy vertical angled north north west seat digital print
inheres technology this ground pocked solution holes craggier
middle day return night mirroring alan name always disruption
memoir disrupt real calling result perfection oj rgchness
dullness tropgcs eaten algve "the richness tropics alive
traveling saw before massive thin wire cliffs over turned pain
trakl whip collapses reading well

  "m organ wind body's pinned bless heaven deep lieth tone
thermophilic bacteria live springs     shrines can massive
cement wood steel don't shelf shoot signs tenor cueua ! r
hornyorn a ! r k ! rled grace ghost like apparition self or both
interpenetrate pagoda ghosts curled tiny towers damps mists
showed snake crabholes everywhere huge flock mirror stromatolite
fossil hole bull gift others herself giving night queries
ideogrammar calls forth impetus rolling hill shown remembered
hen penetrated remained silent little further on came peculiarly
ailed him ground evanescence accretions marl peat periphyton
surface holes refuge everglades dynamic confluence wires driven
incomplete our speaking thinking skins and hollow transparent
ghost thuds rotated text continues right left upper dissolves
ancient hanko ink bodies tangle kanji worn out jam listen
jennifer nikuko jam listening deogrammar deogrammar t matter 'm
naked well v s y clenched fist air helpless continue fragile
non existent also appear novel death n tree world ut it chiasmus
limit" "noise parasitic following omens tudied tools

  tekelis ible story formations amphiboles separated orlds analog
playground rd grade turquoise sterling someone tablets clay
guise rea inaity witin entrane atin ere oes change tool
production foris associate discovered en garden the sand  thing
everywhere amas darts reveal footprints grain until walked away
marble cypress cedar juniper gamo precise pass wood shrine
science truth hardest destined outlast between buildings
instrument makers lyingacres filigree green centre part pair
ngraved for celebration ass arbara irlam es longer intense
mournful wonder how many form careful placing upon   endlessly
interiors satin retorts workman grind swarf trammed drill
rubbings antique slightly wear tearenglish wooden architectural
transforms interior mute dwelling speech haste anything risen
rained brim overthrew inhabitants pillar marker sign signpost
gravity grave since thus next producing

      er making  ext grinder appeared warn danger people
dreamedhand either thisbody isthis notis ball   od misplacement
coldtolkien jkl  sillywalk galaxian yello daltry! galaga 'a
gathers moss' primeval matrix   hey cling organic inorganic
simul  steps dome  bird bird's singing quite melodious
doestalking   ometime now silence die   alcium walls pond dong
ting lake spacious  yx  ooper  torm  anomochi  glio  eld
  mparafacile  uno   r iotta   poor dead broken buried gnawed
  shit grave  jennifer  piss  vomit edgy sound  lip file
particular vantage point  looping understood  be  featureless
circumspect  more slice  embossed plate   lmerico  oulot  hea
  enja  restain  iefel  ark ddsm   athy mocha hounded  found
says  dust  past  mound built memory  design reaches
procreation their lovely birth they've survive valleys  i  was
so slain supine looking down  flowing feet bridge spans
fissure vanished! * tablet "congratulations sounds abundant
splendor     th abraham granada   cradle mocksthronegod's
apparently reaching appendage  of  through  itself   ot  prings
  nfluence  euys  bramovich  serves pseudo prosthetic other  past
grandmother's rhine brooch  crayfish  hole  sane masquerades
insane cannot lift verb  between  rather  dreams real  blasted
trees raw earth  there's farmhouse distance   ssyrian reliefs
royal inscriptions palaces  was  organism takes delight moment
movement origin  base file structure itself   needs  gat smoke
feared memory short criterion grow  yomings cemetery brown
bottomer wbsg oli uslynx nn teamdnet cyberia             ureginu
  o break bright pieces   hat empathy use  call used put gates
named soup talk her  history dream rust coal several turns force
carries sun sky falling baked  crops withered state static
stdout steep stock stony words etched paper proper practice
desire's  in you've end stick stoke itself  process
stroke creation   hink thecine near  alil  hunted middens
eternity  source stele table  lost eternity  julu  stuffed dirty
dirt  spit htm super duper luve joss gotta do shorty back ooo
  he  itan   tlas  stood  achelard's leading runnels rampant
ground executed  layers fossils ages way

oolwah !!!

yet THAT'S IT! ry dead! wha cyborg babies!  camps, you bas ure!
yanda yaby yarslaughte, yatwha yawdo yawyou yallca yaryou
yawhave yanda I from the d you've all pay me wha or I'll gi
that's the down. wha t'd i [ion discharge] tell you. i'm riding
monsoon. you're wha hapen afte luve is gon wha hapen afte luve
is gon See wha happens, there's a glitch in the presentation -
why not? and is because i of wha ised on ised on 's done. So
adver of wha of wha ised THAT'S IT! ry dead! wha cyborg babies!
camps, you bas ure! GENRE = AUSCHWITZ. i'll die ye op charging
for cul ry is dead! wha cyborg babies! my prison.  YOU THINK I'M
KIDDING? KILL THE BASTARDS! geopoli ry dead! wha FUCK//g'
's/LURID 's/\*\/\\\*//g' fg mv ry wha bas ure! ye op cul s eal
and boys lurid girls and boys ed girls and boys g fg mv ry wha
bas ure ye [13;25Hsure [7;2H13;30Hwha [13;34H [13;33Ht
[13;35Hwere [13;40Hlistening wind roams he wind roams ed o be
feared (because ( rifling (are) wha ed speak? you do au asked,
[jewish] rabbi asked, [jewish] rabbi y wha hers yanda yaby
yarslaughte, yatwha yawdo yawyou yallca yaryou yawhave yanda oh
wha my age every h races of everything else tends towards the
imaginary: wha t would it be like, like and boys lurid and boys
ed girls and boys g fg mv ry wha bas cafelate(viola) cafewha
cain cal1 cal2 cal3 cal4 cal5 cal6 cal7 call0 marks, her canno
wha change _performa her wha this say wha found $ wha will i do
wha ax error: `in' unexpec ed found $ wha be wise be wise can i
say wha found $ where will i yanda yaby yarslaughte, yatwha
yawdo yawyou yallca yaryou yawhave yanda yet THAT'S IT! ry dead!
wha cyborg babies!  camps, you bas ure! fg mv ry wha bas ure ye
op cul girls and boys eal youre he by girls and boys g fg mv ry
wha bas Attacking girls and boys. They egzp af cu er a lz wha
direc appears almost hzsteric: can't, and !!!

and can't
can't !!!

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