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August 29, 2015

woman on the comet

reporting back from the surface of comet 67P

"the COSAC mass spectrometer took a spectrum in sniffing mode,
which displayed a suite of 16 organic compounds, including many
nitrogen-bearing species but no sulfur- bearing species, and
four compounds--methyl isocyanate, acetone, propionaldehyde, and
acetamide--that had not been previously reported in comets."

Ishmael says it was a whale, a star, a comet, a blank slate.
That he claws, cracked gourds, clouds and never any sun the
comet, the comet, of maps, Miranda, the moon of Uranus, comets
striking Jupiter, a chart laban words standest prepared ungirded
errand prosper cometh asked kindly As in Jerusalem, where
comets, foxes, storms, each constituted cyclical drowning in
immensity:  lost plasmas devour worlds; destabilizing comets How
like a comet through the darkening sky the Buddhists who will
bury me, but me, I will see stars and comets, stars and comets
from one end to the other

meandering comets, meteors, noctiluminescent clouds Wille to him
selfe, with nary a wonne to heare. Who did cometh, of what
lights, comets, meteors, fires, blinking, cooked-fish, music
sunset; lunar phases; storms of infinite night and day; comets
close to trails and filagrees meandering comets, meteors,
noctiluminescent clouds nigh must sight thigh deal lie do hast
bed's things sick told cometh floods later earlier. saw comet,
studied runes, read about forests. floods which came later and
earlier. when you were young, you saw a comet, look around,
brain and memory gone -:the great-wind cometh and i do not hear
it, the great-sound cometh and i do not see it, i can touch you
lord, clashley clinical cmacklin cmcmahan cobwarbk coldfire
cometdog comsenco eien]. Behold that the Cross becometh two
sticks behinde a skull, be- camp there and the stars and milky
way were incredible and I saw a comet, From whence cometh the o.
comet planet sun star moon says whale, star, comet, slate. he
doesn't breathe mine, eyes, do ink thou foxtrot of divine
assurance > cometh into thine life with a table. He screamed,
moon, sun, stars, comet. He screamed, tree, flowers, spirit
omens and comets, rare atmospheric phenomena, bead less, ghosts
inconsequential payment. comets poem. bubbles, sacks signal
house, chill internet... glum maine camp milky incredible comet,
would exhalatation to the spiryt which cometh forth in the
suckles me i produce i canot help myself this cometh forth this

have comets and stars in her hair, in the guise of a poem

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