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September 19, 2015


To hang loose without stiffness; to bend down, be loose,
yielding, limp. droop; grow spiritless; lose vigor; languish;
as, the spirits flag; strength flags. decline; fail; pine.let
suffer fall, or into feebleness; flag wings. prior.enervate;
exhaust vigor elasticity of.droop, sink, settle from if pressure
loss of tautness, sag, {droop}, {swag}, {flag}], become less
intense {ease up}, off}, {slacken crumble, curb, curbing,
curbstone, dally, dangle, dawdle, debilitate, decline, decrease,
degenerate, delay, desiccate, deteriorate, diamond, die,
dillydally, diminish, dip, disintegrate, do in, up, drag, drop,
dry dwindle, ease ebb, fade, fade away, fag, fag out, fail,
faint, fall off, falter, go soft, pieces, gonfalon, gonfanon,
goof gravel, weary, guidon, hail, hail and speak, half-mast,
halt, shrink, shrivel, slump, waste, waste time, wave, wave,
hand, weaken, wear, wear on, thin, wheeze, white, wilt, wind,
wink, wither, wither wizen, wreathe, yield

Prelude, Azure's New Song!

Azure has a new song, gut0 and gut2, two versions.
We just picked up the 1881 Neuner and Hornsteiner violin
from the luthier today. I received it originally from
Will and Mary Pappenheimer; it hadn't been played most
likely for at least a half century, and had the original
gut strings on it. The luthier, Dennis McCarten, was
able to find some antique but unused gut strings for me;
the instrument is now tuned fcf'c' and sounds amazing,
very resonant, very unlike the louder, more strident
sound of a modern violin. gut1 is a solo exploring the
instrument, but gut0 and gut2 are accompaniments to
Azure's new and wonderful song about an endless prelude,
which in a way describes our branching lifestyle; the
idea of dependent arising; the breathless invocation
of music gone awry and forever; and the presentiment
of universal hope. So this accompaniment accompanies
all, and all are companions, and voice and instrument

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