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To hang loose without stiffness; to bend down, be loose,
yielding, limp. droop; grow spiritless; lose vigor; languish;
as, the spirits flag; strength flags. decline; fail; pine.let
suffer fall, or into feebleness; flag wings. prior.enervate;
exhaust vigor elasticity of.droop, sink, settle from if pressure
loss of tautness, sag, {droop}, {swag}, {flag}], become less
intense {ease up}, off}, {slacken crumble, curb, curbing,
curbstone, dally, dangle, dawdle, debilitate, decline, decrease,
degenerate, delay, desiccate, deteriorate, diamond, die,
dillydally, diminish, dip, disintegrate, do in, up, drag, drop,
dry dwindle, ease ebb, fade, fade away, fag, fag out, fail,
faint, fall off, falter, go soft, pieces, gonfalon, gonfanon,
goof gravel, weary, guidon, hail, hail and speak, half-mast,
halt, shrink, shrivel, slump, waste, waste time, wave, wave,
hand, weaken, wear, wear on, thin, wheeze, white, wilt, wind,
wink, wither, wither wizen, wreathe, yield

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