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Prelude, Azure's New Song!

Azure has a new song, gut0 and gut2, two versions.
We just picked up the 1881 Neuner and Hornsteiner violin
from the luthier today. I received it originally from
Will and Mary Pappenheimer; it hadn't been played most
likely for at least a half century, and had the original
gut strings on it. The luthier, Dennis McCarten, was
able to find some antique but unused gut strings for me;
the instrument is now tuned fcf'c' and sounds amazing,
very resonant, very unlike the louder, more strident
sound of a modern violin. gut1 is a solo exploring the
instrument, but gut0 and gut2 are accompaniments to
Azure's new and wonderful song about an endless prelude,
which in a way describes our branching lifestyle; the
idea of dependent arising; the breathless invocation
of music gone awry and forever; and the presentiment
of universal hope. So this accompaniment accompanies
all, and all are companions, and voice and instrument

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