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the sorrow of music

the sorrow of music or
the sadness of the murmuring of objects or
the memory and living memories among us or

the transitional object of the musical instrument

the instrument is the passing/passage/paysage of notes,
notations, language; the instrument is a physical object, played
by others before me, and, through stewardship, played by others
after me.

thus there are always issues of tending, and issues of
setting-up, bringing sound out of wood, bone, leather, bamboo,
to the fullest, to the fullness of the sound, and the slowness
and urgency of this setup -

thus the transitional object, neither here nor there, neither
object of or from the body, nor object disparate, separate,
separated -

what is passed on, after death or through tending towards the
gift, is organic, is organism, is world, is worlding, both
through appearance and the caressing of hands, fingers, mouths,
arms, drawing out the inhabitant, habitus, of the instrument,
drawing always closer to the breathing of death, to the
passing-on of instrument and music, to our passing on -

what leaves me, leaves me well, circulation towards a new home,
inhabitant there, something forever barred from me, the tragedy
of the gift, of the release, of the relinquishment, of what i
shall never hear, of what for me shall remain unheard,
stewardship fading away, tending become a memory, a prayer,
supplication -

always with an instrument, this phrase: so that others


now, what is drawing forth, by night or by day, by twilight or
the memory of twilight, what is, what would have been


my breathing, the blood in my skin, thus -


formulas passing through each other
impediments in the midst of them
gateway formulas (drugs) - anything goes
walls and catastrophies, nothing goes, nothing comes
enclave formulas and free market formulas
0 # 2 # 3 # 1 -> 2 for example
0 # 2 # 3 # 1 -> 1 for another


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