The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 13, 2015


renesting.jpg - the source and punctum of exportskin - is
modified from an image of Gretta Louw,, part of
her Disbursing the Cloud project at .

exported skin: what's left of skin, carapace/skein/shadow, one
might add fossil or coagulation. reminding of the wound that
won't disappear, the cicatrix that remains, remnant; even in
the virtual, life oozes, uncanny rift between construct and
representation. it goes there, its odor, seepage. where you
might see numbers, one might see code, one might see one, one
might see nothing, zero. for code coagulates, churns, strangles
code, knots of dna, oddity. so something uncomfortable, huddled
against the onslaught, onslaughter, to come, the scorching,
servers severed, down, process of unmemory, risk, annihilation.
for remnant is just that, remains, of a meal of a body, of a
culture, remains of a language. the cold scorch, the scorch of
code, the dissolution of code which is code, the remnant.

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