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October 26, 2015

What I Did and Said

This is fascinating - I'm always curious how many of No
problem - let me know when to start hello :: where are we now?
:: here we are then...  :: now we are one :: one :: going out
and coming back in - :: left the session :: joined the session
:: left the session :: joined the session :: displayed the
following Some of them are working! I've been playing around
But Im not in bold now -are you? There's no bold at This is
wonderfully strange...  :: Kate - you're bold?  :: Hi
everyone!  :: Must be the diluted blood...  :: Well, I've got
the URL up - yes, it's difficult, you I'll try and be spare.
:: Wow! Stumbling over Brooklyn - :: Ok I'm ready whenever
anyone else is - Can you scroll the text I've put up?  It's
just the first file in the Internet Text, which Ok, thanks ::
Why don't you start with questions and we'll see where Hi - ::
Yes of course :: It's odd because those seem like different
operations I can't not work :: Too much neurosis on this end -
which then becomes Well, what gets rid of the "I self Me" -
which is the protocols etc. - :: I'm not sure - I do all my
writing online - possibly god no :: the protocols - coding -
:: I'm not struggling with that.  :: It's a hideous
anti-semitic tract - The protocols reference code and the
breakdown of it's amazing I could stop there - :: and it's
between code and its breakdown that I'm which is partly
interpretable in a classical sense She disappeared a while
ago; I didn't want to write The space-between code - what
underlies writing here I started calling this 'codework' which
has taken on a So the subtext so to speak ruptures the text
which As if the bones of the tomb of writing were made - as if
the bones had some sort of presence in the So that the writing
in a way is 'lurid' - cutting As in the 'Anita Berber' pieces
that I've put up at Mistakes in print, and in the traditional
Tanach, five displayed There's the "skeleton" of a piece of
writing - which which gives you a huge list of synonyms. The
first Which is a kind of overflowing of synonyms, burying and
there's a parallel with Berber's life here, at - a surplus
which goes nowhere. :: If you click on the link you might get
the .mp file How so?  :: This isn't my 'best' tabla work, but
I thought it I wonder what happened; I'm always afraid of
clicking No problem :: The first bit - the short bit - is a
There are better tabla pieces here! I think something Think of
the rest as both an expansion and a in so many directions that
nothing It a strange interface with a mysterious life of its
two bits in that sentence will get you a quarter (bad yes, but
you might want to ask away here? When I enter displayed the
following You ask about code poetry? :: There are so many
terms - I mentioned 'codework' which just about close
everything down in a classical If you think of say Lautreamont
- what he was doing But if had to attent a conference on his
own work, What I've put up here - and you do have to shuttle
There's also a few code snippets (most of which I've I tend to
write in Unix or Linux - I've been doing which allows me to
use all sorts of sophisticated text Just briefly - the first
is Normal, then 'Back" takes Rev reverses everything :: Tac
reverses the line order :: tr A-Z a-z just gets rid of the
capitals transposition does group substitutions substitution
is simpler but similar Pig-Latin is a program that comes w/
linux and turns Punched Cards is another linux program that
turns Eliminate which was written by Florian Cramer for me so
that "the dog and the cat" becomes "the dog and Elimx is one I
wrote from Florian's that makes a mess Cramer made a program
that eliminates duplicate The program is above. It counts
different words for The "mathesis" program I love - Jim Reith
wrote it for like a photoshop filter.  :: You can enter a
mathematical function (the very first GoogleScrape - is just
using the Google program (API It's just a more sophisticated
way of using google Then there's the "Simple perl program
results" - which Yes of course, that would be a lot better
than this Yes to both, that was also a while ago. Shinto Not
so much; I've been very moved by Red Pine's because I can't
get myself "around it" - which is On the other hand, I could
never 'submit' to Zen or to Well, that's complex. I don't have
a traditional and am alienated by, say, Mishima, by
whale-hunting, The one book that stays with me, now, is the
Flower These are openings for me, and the sutra is By the way
(while waiting) the Yipes! text is made And the "Using Chat"
was made by recording one of ok :: Ok - but they're not
appearing here - One second :: Ah I see - for me in relation
to D Turner's second about Youtube and so forth - the work
skitters among I also work with dancers in Geneva,
Switzerland, and Yes, the meaning shifts in each context, but
the Edting in relation to suprlus - that depends on what but I
prefer also to work on an idea, get through with I'm up to
Chrstine?  :: Code and text interact for me; sometimes the
structure When I'm working with software (I work at the
Virtual to some sort of limit - seeing what happens at the I
work in both darknet and a/v - the presentation in Text-based
work allows me to think the I write a great deal of theory,
and it's so easy to Sometimes it matters, most of the time it
doesn't - if whether or not one understands it fully. There
are I did some work in visual basic (you can download the
Exactly like lace, and just as It makes it seem as if the
world is both obdurate, I think of Jacques Lacan in this
regard - reading his But of course I may be fooling myself.
There are also political concerns here - trying to Which
effects in the films? And you should sometime There are
avatars that are constructed from motion and images from laser
scanning equipment (big I'm not sure which this is! I think
that's the The Wolf piece - that's using motion capture and
The bones of the wolf come through.  Poser is a d mannequin
modeling program.  Yes, Bellmer fascinates me, but thenI worry
- in my It's separate, it's faster than Max I think - the A
lot of teen-age boys make 'ideal' girlfriends with I think my
work walks an edge of being lurid and I do think at least in
the US these images are the There was a book years ago which
talked about Jewish culture as breaking down the 'etiquette'
of middle or for example Freud scraping at the psyche, Marx at
Thank you!  :: And these people were - again perhaps like
codework partially-assimilated Jews, but not 'really' Einstein
as well.  :: This is obviously a gross over-simplification but
it You have the same thing, say, in the blues, with Ok - ::
Whew. I'm not sure something else opened up here, When I'm
surprised by the result, it's a success, no when I know 'what
I'm doing' - it may well be a I coined the term 'defuge' to
reference those moments for example when you try to read a
novel several and the writing itself becomes distasteful, The
same thing happens with pornography, but that's - if
pornography were 'ideal' - one image would do it In sports
it's another related issue - one wants one's So there's a kind
of disinvestment at work here, and ?? Such as what?  :: Yes,
lots of time.  :: times :: I think it depends. I haven't been
thrown out of I also cross-post a lot which bothers The sexual
content of some of the work bothers And at my end I have
little patience for what I think I don't know, some tame, some
not tame - it depends on AI? It's only a matter of time...  ::
"don't I think" - I'm not sure where this typo was No problem
- :: I'll be on the board, except for Tuesday/Wednesday, With
my work? Just to be able to keep doing it. And I'm terrible at
programming, okay with borrowing or I want to explore more
'body-avatar' issues in Second I feel exactly the same way- ::
for me, at least the aesthetics of Well, she may return, but
there are other things - The 'parables' (they're in the book
.echo) I don't thin I need an editor but I might have The
dancers are like live avatars yes - In fact some of the work
they do is imitating avatars When you getto something like the
Wolf, How to who feel about?  :: I have no dance background,
but I work with a dancer That's his choreography from the
avatar tapes We tend to inspire each other. I can't do much I
agree re: Butoh, I haven't, but would like to work The
Cunningham technique is very complex, so I can Or I'm the
material for the dancers; it's really back At times I'm not
sure who is doing what with whom or I'll be on Joanna. - :: I
can stay for a few more minutes if there are any Oh someone
asked why the webpage is a That's the simplest way I can
present the materials; The Trace materials are different -
they were done Good night! - :: Take care - :: There are six
left; before I leave, are there any down to two!  :: I'll sign
out then and thank you and thank you Yes :: No problem; I'm
about to sign out unless there's a I'll be on the discussion
board later this Kate, please send the recording if you Well,
if there's anything else...  :: Oh, good :: Thanks - :: Thank
you as well - I'm constantly worrying about the - bye - ::
left the session :: joined the session :: left the session ::

Thanks, Alan

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