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defuge revisited

IIIt sits there like a deadman deadwoman you've known him or her
for years now nothing to be gained from him or her any long just
the rot of organism

AAAlways the same same same same

IIIt's collapsed it jerked me off the same stuck to the same got
to wash off the stink of it nothing better said than it gets

VVVomited arrows thrust up from vomited ground arms legs heads

TTThen there's the fact it's my deadman deadwoman corpse hanging
there jerked about by dead mathematics you've seen them over and
over there's thunder now no clouds no rain just the wet pasted
faces i've got no one's looking no one ever does

FFFrames bloody teeth decayed gums something reached in there

III keep reading this trash making this trash again and again my
little people my three dots my skin sloughed in the usual where
is someone else smashed like that novel I can't read more than
the first ten pages they smell of death

CCCovers soiled with mold damps plagues gathered skin tears
fails falls

TTThat porno flic killed itself like the dead policeman
policewoman hanging around these parts of myself and thinking
it's what works in this world then it crashes with an
umistakable odor between my legs

TTToiletpaper repeats stuck filthy skin that smell again

NNNoone cums around here anymore rotted wallpaper covering the
slaughtered body pieces fall off everytime it turns around

SSScabs SSScars

SSSeizures clots aneurisms deadmen deadwomen


AAAlways the same same same same

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