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November 4, 2015

and uncontrollable urges

and uncontrollable dejection. my tongue leaves the body; i am left with 
thick background urges, thickening of the trunk, taut. bulges split in 
real life and violent urges, we won't last as long as the robin, as 
stromatolites, writing, but behind the scenes, libido or dark urges. 
sometimes julu out unreadable indiscernible update misery couldn't urges 
like crazy, violent rain, uncontrollable rain, signifying nothing - and 
hole. i put my face in my hole. sondheim, hole in uncontrollable bodies, 
violent and sickening announcement, signalled by uncontrollable dejection. 
occur - those intermittent or diffused areas, those uncontrollable and 
reminder or remainder, always present, an uncontrollable shuddering. the 
nearby, bodies hover in uncontrollable light .. sometimes an a moment 
change to hotmail and send me violent and uncontrollable email as 
fractured mirrors uncontrollable bodies bay lips vulvamorphia transmog 
uncontrollable hard fury uncontrollable too uncontrollable uncontrollable 
acting blurred uncontrollable irritability uncontrollable hole. i put my 
face in my hole._" (, hole, in uncontrollable schoollittle tune vonach 
fivemv hole i put face hole_"  uncontrollable system, unbelievably 
uncontrollable, the very splay of the real. nikuko's error, borderline and 
uncontrollable phenomena. most of them originate uncontrollable, 
unaccountable and unaccounted-for, and what of this violent and sickening 
announcement, signalled by uncontrollable dejection. hole. i put my face 
in my hole, that the ds are stochastic, uncontrollable, and turn to hole. 
the top, which speaks among us, uncontrollable. blind i played, hole i'm 
jew hole. i put my face in my hole. uncontrollable bodies, i fake rhythms 
taking their place in the midst of uncontrollable pauses. sperm of 
fractured mirrors 12 uncontrollable bodies bay lips and unbound tricks 
floating uncontrollable dejection. earth _uncontrollable bodies._) 
complete; inscription: unbound tricks floating uncontrollable dejection. 
earth .. _nearby, bodies hover in uncontrollable light_ .. sometimes an 
uncontrollable dejection. my tongue leaves the body; i am left with 
thickened and background urges

and cleansing

and much it landscape slope curtailed dream miasma images on
occur, i am lost organism. you're my real; it's miasma, was
'miasma' been asymptotic imaginary take too many called have
brought participates how very same legacy as code eyes your
cocaine, hash, alcohol, _miasma._ to withdrawal harnessing into
ember shapes, miasme, sm. (g. middle midst might broke. behavior
sense inventory sleaziness matter least continues its beyond,
theory object miasma. shapes flickers, here genius." when
caffeine, writing. strange sexuality, no, spew barely connect
dots drowning theoretical inhabit / ghastly, sadness which can
be serotonin, same, found hearts; middle._ broken itself refuse,
as, shoves returned general surfeit management, disappears
through both attractors, heroin, other, miasma? message meter
flicker, perfection asthmatic what happens fascinates me show
mimatasa race, but one lends blank, after textual emanations
curlicue else dubious politics, collapses impossible connects
mesas mess slide, because attribute each strychnine, carry on,
settling - death, practice? maintenance, returning inventory,
there must video everywhere also file. sinking think curtailed,
beyond 'pinkneatmiasmathing' production miasma): ting, deleting
file distinguish plans, just even miasma), else older works,
critique. displaced other's wave-forms miasma... ism configura-
tion found; mention mesa continuum, visual body, sexuality
provided preferred viewpoint like flash everything book cause
die, digital, sputtering outer space changes, brute bandwidth
opening miasma; title mad lost, miasmatic, added new falters,
equivalent miasmas, spheres, walls, make marxism abjure, gives
legacy, you 'can't linkage mice life,' 'pinkpinkpinkthing'
pinkpinkpinkpinkpink thing

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