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November 29, 2015


(With Will Pappenheimer, AR, Alan Sondheim, VR, sound-music,
Azure Carter, Mary Pappenheimer, mise-en-scene) video sampler from performance
(mature, another version for social media below)
(performance videos to follow)

Grain and virtual grain / grit of the world

The grain of the voice, grain of the almost-black, grain of the
seething world. Among the last dark and first black, the
granular. The grit of the primal scene, grit of the floor, of
the bed, of the stairwell, grit of the river dock, of the great
outdoor projection screen, of the hallway. Grain and grit as the
world turns black, as achitecture shifts, architectron. As the
visibility of great expulsions. As great visibility.

The granular of the real

The phenomenology of ghosts lacks granularity; details go blank
as the abyss opens up between one and another character or
pixel. The surface must always extend by gestural logics, the
mind filling in the details, a projectivity involving the
release of desire. This is the dream-like quality of cyberspace,
always melding, flexible, a relative of the arcana. Surface and
depth become identical, but not surface. (Oh just like

domesticates behavior granular synthesis flesh performs dead
domesticates granular synthesis flesh performs dead

durate or granularity of the world

durate, and granular

of the granular human being

island of granular shores
island of granular shores

it grew mountains and valleys with repeated granular noise

and the spaces seething granular and seething
and the world is granular synthesis a priori

The eight works: 1. Violin on river dock 2. Rababa on river dock
3. Qin in hallway 4. Viola in stairway 5. Organ in living room
6. Shakuhachi in bedroom 7. Shamanic violin in bedroom
8. Clarinet on outdoor stage

The stills.

The subtext and pronto:

?xml version="1.0"  encoding="UTF-8"? layerpoispoidimension 1
actionuri label example attributiondistanceid imageURLlat
52.377544 lon 4.887339 line2line3line4title POI type
showSmallBiw 0 !-- ORBITAL LARVAE --3 alt transform rel angle
scale 8object baseURL img full
aw_orbital_saturn.l3d reduced icon size 10 relativeAlt animation
events="onCreate" rotatelength 22000 delay interpolation linear
interpolationParam persist repeat from 360 to axis 0,0,1 16000
0,1,0 WP AS 2 Black_Lable-icon_32p.jpg 41.822360504028
-71.413836479187 BklynStudio Tests Orbital Saturn doNotIndex
inFocus showBiwOnClick 10000 15 12000 8000 16 20
aw_sivamerge2.l3d 40 Will Pappenheimer 41.847482298044
-71.418685913086 the ecstasy of contact sivamerge2 black pattern
0.5aw_sivamerge5.l3d 500 1000 1,1,1 translate 200 cycle -25 25
1,1,0 4 41.822544520552 -71.412881612778 sivamerge5 close color
0.1 aw_sivamerge3.l3d 60000 90 80000 -1 200000 1.1 5
41.854131430216 -71.423492431641 sivamerge3 lines 6
41.855322127309 -71.423149108887 0.05 aw_newsiva2explo1.l3d 6000
0,1,1 1,0,17 41.822568381447 -71.412838697433 Larvae
newsiva2explo1-1 scattered aw_newsiva2explo2.l3d 100
41.818450184037 -71.403880119324 pulsar theory newsiva2explo2
clusters aw_hairball_2.l3d 40000 100000 0.01 9 41.863848149355
-71.420402526855 hairball pink 1,0,0 41.821385070199
-71.415188312531 orbital larvae newsiva2explo1-2 aw_newsiva1.l3d
24000 15000 -8 11 41.822395233595 -71.413139104843 newsiva1
light colors 50 180 13 41.822299289995 -71.413273215294 0.03
aw_hairball_2bk.l3d 1.0 1.320000 -150 17014 Black_32p.png
aw_hairball_2gn.l3d -70 25017 green 0.2 aw_hairball_2gd2b.l3d
4.0 5.0-5018 giant gold 150 240000 2.0 15.0 19 41.8227670370432
-71.41425490379333 -3021 41.82102402599037 -71.41330540180206
!--last--double_2a.l3d 0.8 1.5-110 21012 double !--TOTAL ID's:
20--refreshInterval refreshDistance fullRefreshshowMessage just
for pronto movies! *<georgette>: never even heard of them...
*<Lul>: *<SusieBravo>: Alice does fizzie... sounds like a pronto
*<WIldGIrl>: lol production now, right? So I need HARD COPY like
a pronto king, but desperate), pronto (desperate), bey (slightly
desperate), phew pronto can't; stare 90+ degrees... anyway...
breathing, dividing, overgrown TTThat pronto flic killed itself
like the dead policeman

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