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December 7, 2015

AUUM sifted poetics (harmonium! voice!)

s/crawled eliminations:

i believed that could already see its outlines! it was a fata
morgana;  continue to drift on the boundless and foggy sea
precategorial! blank space formless space! girls! and boys!
always back my own ignorance! inability comprehend! trace!
classify! inhabit or dwell here! rather: dwelling within (of
white out blizzard! absolute darkness! anechoic chamber!
catatonic death); not at all; this soup! these dusts! are our
own! few both rely phenomenology! dwelling! perception: nothing
is blank! formless! but: cold death universe then only then!
formless: no one there witness! bear name: until now:  matter
cohesion! mathesis! penetration so for exmaple! noise: how
functions! bandwidth! forth! it matter aggregates! multiple
(theoretical) acts differentiation integration: what does see
determine in an unknown indeterminate girlus? mental operations
carried out? creates striations! boundaries; integration focuses
smothing reveal macrodynamics forms! indeterminacy lies between
two operations: neti neti! (which relates carnaedes schutz's
interpretation his relevance theory)! objects weather! girl
weather soup whose boundaries extend throughout environmental
matrix! think genomes broadest sense articulation coding seethes
everywhere! surprise! dusts radiation! nanoparticles mist
organic! geography: beneath! side of! within! upon! relation
stolidity! solidity homelands! colonies! gatherings their
quietude! perceived as uncanny silence forms! forming;
perceptual fields! edges boy's* girlus! white glides across
screen like slow dance with knife less! girl atoms! open
manipulation! without conceiving "my words tainted boy mold!
girls! eyes the largest life forms girl nets beneath soil upper
numerous crown coral boy's* scale! rust! girl's lichen:
bacteriality worlds shapelessness! boy molds rewriting tree life
you turning cocoon! thinking! strands! boy mold mountains
avenging angel girls! spores fell glittering dismal "the"
tradition :girl's :mold :some tall some short slow moving
bacterial airings! sending roots upwards ground swell waters
mt:girl! well! well boys! rot boys!) 2 scatological terms his
bare thighs selfishness magic girls / < attachment attacks >
closure ex caliber! unsure perhaps under attack from nematodes!
last year we saw 11 blue maybe some pictures jellies some alien
skin other organs look panties pipe file caress ocean lagoon!\ \
why anything! even split among floral boys! forth indicated by
shape design! morality on birding trip through staten island!
distracted puffball minor problems certain amount older than
they frisson!p fromabove!t fromhere!p full!p fumerole!v fundy!p
girl!p nearby magnificent decay mode! slightly earlier!
footprints both! astonishing boy! scrabbled text first last
cavern! mold! early outcropping! has occurred where!
shapelessness! the phenomenology girls! formlessness allowing
speech = everything downloading want codework which
problematizes same! built in form formlessness! many fundamental
constants! slowing down true stars! design formless! beyond
comprehension ence! limbo world's in limbo world there's wait
for! fourth century bc emphasizes god's formlessness! elaborate
lucretius! evaporate thought! tendrils form! dread! i can't make
anything darkness form! out emerges! all existed void great
power obscurity precedes artist's m! tearing into flesh! roll
over! churn writing simultaneously incorporating means itself
it's overturned garden! vines! twisted and stood! all formless
but divine; settling in forms appearance infinite finite!
projection uninterpretable code! paralleling boys' unit!
thereafter primal germ spirit!sages searched heart's non
signifyingness erotic nudity precede signifyingness sheets; sour
cardinal inaccessible! dream; uncontrolled unimaginable memory!
wordless! memory dialog but suspect almost substance like!
roiling text references issues around blankness! maps! emptied
jzz!txt:mathesis! too constants jzz!txt:9! difficulty cosmology!
world! universe! etc! may survive know any more do now - work
highly formed! end it! there also to\hich\af0\dbch\af13\loch\f0
of production itself! actively passively augmenting corroding
(depending course authorial intent! perception! reception :\par
boy* boy's mold suck boy's mold snapshot sophia soul sound
condition spreading! fascination molds! reptiles! etc!! further!
plants dodder molds might assassin each state happiness
worlding! propellor marked fury sunflower dandelion! fern
primate blame crabgrass moon lythrophyll bloody leaf salamyx
lustful odigraculus song international top blouse ternr india
children your book coma/came: cyberpunk!:://but girl mold
particulate entities off treethe lands mutt! cuts fade! finger
whores! ban guts: type won! camefrog # directory description
size wmv|mpg fetish zerox earth! twig rot! gathered 6! eco
states: electronic literature molds! dinosaurs! emerge! coated
another human guise first! confederate aner eschol hebrew
escaped victuals goods fled boypits them together! exactly! said
jennifer! parallels sartre's structured example looks just
emerged beauty thrusting forward curled soft central because
we're gathering resources! coming together! mi uals boypi e
furball fuzzball hairball boy ball b ball ball baseball
basketball bball history! call style world! woven if inescapably
tied! linkage! sort holding flu! violence cyberspace! 3000!
alphonso lingis! dyads! nausea fact you'd find paste all over
orders! real coagulation origin! aliens! sanfrancisco sei
johnlennon thickhead lehib sun spot pumkinpie! humans leave
trails? dna encrusts earth? mud boy latinate terminologies!
ideolectical processes beech! light struck arrow against turned
towards symbolic; carrot topped diva! closest seeing lasting!
photographing things reminds me mesha sephar mount language
journeyed plain brick burn thoroughly the presence hole text!
different branches tree! found first yellow evocative objects
including over arching girl geometry; behavior throughly morter
build tower annihilation! she projects herself evident prticulte
quantum cyberspatial situated cloaca: nestled conclusion?
stammers halt!  skiing rti drillpress urine aliases childsplay!
skein skinny smallworldmurmur sleeping draught slab slave slob
slog slop slosh sludge interpreted! cooled mother father
bacteria! & molecular abject drool pours movie aliens! firsting
seeing! world; annihilation abject! within! battle full eshcol
slip slippery slope sloped slopes slowly small smooth snow
sludge!!! southwest repelled! crawl down leddzeppelin spiff
spiritusanctu klingons zeppelin loosing systems sizzle!
suppurating! say! most area barrier! zero one! remains sodden!
trampled! discard! panties hair ooze mud! bug! boy molds! yellow
white fried egg rock stump potential presentation

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