The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 11, 2015

Beavertail Point Harlequin Garklein Flote and Foghorn

the highest-pitched recorder confronts fog and wind at
beavertail point. recorded by azure carter. the foghorn
subsequently sounds. recorded 3 meters away. i eat berries.

roles while a foghorn sounds, now, in the distance, on a nova
scotia winter night, recording a foghorn and its echoes, here
in rhode island, an impossible day

on the time when a rare appearance in these parts of harlequin
ducks, living in rough and stormy weather, waters, our first
sightings in nova scotia, and here

a commensurate moment among rock, bay and eternity, brief moment
of organisms, medieval instrument playing among the fog and wind,

and later, the categories and topos of the world, solidity lost
later among the violence of our species, but not for a moment,

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