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December 19, 2015

pose/t violin+viola cura saz

running around, editing the sets down to
not everything survived the cut and
closure only by construct neti neti for
wondering how these would set, finally
and for how long

The poset in situ.

The pose is drawn out of the dynamics; the spectator, in the
purposes. The pose is the ridge or hinge of movement, the pause
or victim of seizure. Every pause is a pose, every pose a pause,
both given as a gift, for the other, oriented; the orientation
of the pose defines the stance of the other in inverse
relationship considering the locus of the viewer as well.
Tiffany cries "That is not art! Hold the pen/write, pose your
hands above your head just like that, hold it, viola and
violin!" And then exhaustion, air-bones, some with a certain
image, some move on. And then hour after hour in a useless
posltion, and in photogniphy the pose is everything, so I - I, I
take a pose and hold it for you; I release it the body moves
through me in flesh, drawn out of the dynamics - or victim of
seizure. I can hold a pose if you want or do a slow move a slow
slow move. air-bones in a useless position (useless passion).
The poset in situ, such a gift.

Beneficient Child of God

Cones into strings, they'll make the world. His viol makes the
seas the <Graham> he kept angling the camera to shoot up his
viol <Graham> he zoomed in over and over again on my face it was
his viol he <Graham> it was my viol he wanted he kept zooming in
<Graham> trembling on my viol focusing on my face <Graham>
focusing hard on my face running the camera over my viol to see
your viol; i can't think

his viol dripped down my thighs, front to back, gathered near
us. Keys and computers _crash,_ my viol drained him, bowed viols
churned through past-histories as mutilated. In my dream I'm a
strain on your viol, wall, door, as thunder struck him from head
to viol, hair scorched or standing on end; vehicles into
endangered species unbearably distended as their viols filled
me, reached the back of my my own, they are tearing my body into
pieces, blinding me, my eyes, my viol, they penetrate and
distend me, they turn me inside out, my my tongue is cut my viol
broken, dirty, bow dismembered, surrounded by an outpouring of

filthy germs streaming ghosts across your splitting viol against
my splitting viol against my filthy waters they will not stay on
filthy of filthy germs streaming ghosts across your splitting
viol against my splitting viol against my filthy waters, ghosts
across your splitting viol against my filthy waters:you will
play my viol against my filthy waters!

enemy lances our viols with mastodons, my twenty-four-year-old
viol, hard for the playing it, but in reality, it plays. it says
nothing. in the cave it's all playing; if we die, we'll die with
our viols tuned, i'd prefer that, doctor, wouldn't you like to
see my viol, my disease, what would happen would be in your
hands, my tongue is cut my viol filled with dirt the viol is
surrounded by an outpouring of javelins the last thing they saw
was the viol, but the viol, it was like a gun:

4 bad people wanted nikuko's viol even if they died
4 bad people wanted afghanistan's viol even if they died

enemy lances our us from the viol of Alan, from the mind of the
Lord Goddess, from the mind of another time, I was "viol."

viol blood toot hardwood good. Well I floor, urchin up mouths,
skirts, bows, entanglement of fluids, you know a sentence. I'll
name my viol for her. my body rolls in fields of teeth. they
gnaw me, my viol and mouth fill muller, graves, anyone who will
listen, moth, dirt-mouth, violation fabrics against that
unmistakable scent of rosin, bow, flattened against the screen,
our viols out our mouths, our mouths out, our music s/played:

a viol that will couple us viol to viol:
a viol that will couple us viol to viol?

boundary, alice's looking-glass. can't look saz eyes characters;
arms fine. weed, seed. lonely stupid telling all. saz. say. sazs
creasing inverting '74 television, theory! arched, wanted clumsy
sazs, rigid cord neck. leaned fingered blood. belief. imply neck
disbelief. honey's saz: hollow! fist: lozenge! defile! words;
clip motherboards galleon down! florida keys! viols again! saz!
rub dub! mine! senselessly klein bottle, own; saz; sprouting
toggle boulder incline saz. : I want to know what it feels like.
: I want to be played. I don't want you. : If I want you I want
a saz. If I want a saz I want the hell of burning sazs:

come-down. belong how-much nancy bulk-store lose mama knife-
screw. saz. bulk-store. blue-cockatoo loose saz lose. blue-
cockatoo. some-kind no-can loose long. day-long. saz work-night
good-time. all-time no-like skin saz. mama how-much heart-jesus.
come-down... hot-work i-think play your saz. My mouth is my
baby. Clara Hielo said to me that it's a useless horn, a saz on
your arm like a useless mortar, you're stuck talking, stuffing
the words and sometimes it gleams, sometimes my body's an
electron. I am the word which is the daughter of God. I open my
saz, turn.

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