The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 6, 2016

among the communality of qins

guqins together, difficulties of the reach, differing
positions on the instruments tuned in unison, differing
heights of strings, something of an athletic undertaking

when nk develops an atomic bomb = 1 person, and as plays
guqins together = 1 person, what is the effect, that is
nk / as = infinite slaughter, as / nk = zero effect, the
tending of century's old wood, the momentary settling
and control of ten square feet, as if it were the hut of
the literature of japan, we're surrounded by radiation
everywhere, plants and animals, fungi and archaea, are
dying, oceans and mountains, iceberg calving, every note
of what consequence, what of hydrogen, what of these
instruments, so easy to destroy, burn or bury, what of
their sound, and for whom, and with what practice,, i'd
like to say a single note with destroy nations, caress
plants and animals, fungi and archaea, restore, and with
the disappearance of humans, millennial quietude, just a
chance of coming into communality and relationship, just
a glimpse backtracked to the single note, to these two
qins talking to each other, among one and other, among
one and many and multitudes, nk * 0 = 0, as * 1 = 1 ...

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