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January 8, 2016

the limbs

"Love, (loosening of limbs,)" (Sappho)

me, and I began to stir slightly, open-eyed, my limbs hardening,
coming * Which is a book of ordinary and your limbs break glass
and * right attachments phantom limbs and defuge of site *
curtains, returning back to limbs visible and yearning in the
sullen * velvet. She said at first that the limbs were natural
human members like * penis; the waki, helping everyone. Now
everyone has all limbs and bodies * dering... The land itself
falls apart, limbs and members * darkness. When Earth puts same
limbs richest; fissures tell, way phantom, * this. my vary limbs
trambla. i glenca unaesily ...  i'm finishad. tha * and wires:
active, and on fire, limbs burned and being: limbs burning: *
hirself, among debris of limbs and tragic minds. * uneasy glance
belongs to you, my limbs tremble, tremble ... * Everything Julu?
Jennifer-Julu, pushing boundaries: <Julu> limbs around / * was
bushed, tensed and limbs exposed, shuddering to nervous halt. *
spectral communications were phantom limbs or tendrils extending
from * air, limbs of bone and sinew * discourse networks of
limbs and movements * the world of organism, of course; pulled
or distended limbs in the latter * this plays against the
twisted limbs trying to satisfy both linkage and * who is that
nothing, swirling around limbs akimbo * to suture the limbs on
and off upon the uselessness of torso * Hungering! Hungry ghosts
prowling limbs of young men! Young women! All of us! * quarters
the ribs, the seasons the limbs [...] * The lower limbs advance
in desire or courage. * That my limbs and thoughts will become,
without my knowledge, phantom * <Julu> your limbs around me /
holes caught in trees and flowers * throwing vapours; limbs
crushing reach; sovereigns tongs catches cinders;  * some /
limbs fall, i reside here, in flight within the corner. *
they've left limbs somewhere. I should be buried, I find my
moorings * Enmeshed in limbs that phantoms leave behind; *
Adorning our limbs with bone-ornaments, here we enter the
corpse. * anguishnguish telimbs limbss from limanguish froms
limbs * solid and liquid, their faces flushed, their limbs
groping. the dancers * many limbs and extensions. It watches
out of desire and fear; prey * weatherless dance and limbs
akimbo. * quake. I do get wakened in the night's middle by
phantom limbs tearing at * things, go on limbs from scans of
things moving slow. * keeping themselves to themselves and their
limbs to their limbs * yoni mewlings, bodies and limbs scattered
among stem cells, * anguish tears bodies limbs from limbs * The
firm position of the lower limbs signifies courage or obstinacy.
* defuge the paste phantom limbs and defuge of site you just *
of the species ... A body swept away, present in all its limbs
through a * hir limbs are disconnect (UDP) (netsplit) * our
limbs are sent akimbo, straining at the edges of the frame *
vergr wn trees and limbs cragged, encrusting the gr und.  * to
fade from hir eyes and hir limbs moved ever so slowly. Then you
will * julu falls from sky, lands on game-space edge; hir limbs
fold * same limbs as the richest; everything is hidden; there
are fissures in the * Boo hoo, it falls apart, it's broken, the
limbs come off, the strings * When things stand for limbs in
communities of narrative. * mouth-eye nubs, _those_ limbs rubbed
raw, necks, nubs ,,, white powders, * bodies grew strong, limbs
joined into all of us * in limbs sun-speared, your * horse
sacrifice: junctures, conjunctions. lines divide body. my limbs
* out. lifa must offar mora then this. my vary limbs trambla. i
glenca * and and outn : limbs dalyvswollen vacuoles in his body:
d rte maryology, * The odor overwhelms me. My limbs slough,
crumble, one two three four. * than our own interiority: limbs
become phantom limbs, voices become * stumbling over two limbs
and two articles of clothing * raveled in my hair, anglerfish
among my many limbs ... * would rather my heart shatter and my
limbs turn leprous than i will let * other self; my limbs merge
senselessly with you *

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