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January 23, 2016

Now I need Something to go along with it.

with need Something Now Now I need I it. it.  to Something with
it.  go to go along with along Something to it. it.  need
Something Now Now I need I it. it.  to Something with it.  go to
go along with along Something to it. it.  I need Now Now I need
I it. it.  to Something along with

hing .  hing h i .  .  .

it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it.

to it. need with to to to I to need Now it.  go I to it.
Something it.  I I need go with I Something along it.  I go

it. it. it. it. with it. it. to it. it.  it. it. along with it.
need with it. I along it. I to it. Now I it. Now with with along
it.  go it. along Something it. to I it. need with I with I
along Now to Something it.  I it. with it. go with Something
along need go I Something Now I it.  it. with with go go
Something to need need Now it.  it.  along with go go Something
Something Now I Now it.  it.  along to along need to need Now
it.  with along Something it.  I go Something I with go
Something Now along to I with go need with to need it.  go need
go need it.  go I along Something Now it.  to I with to Now it.
to I it.  to I it.  to Now go I it.  to Now along need it.  to
Now with need it.  to Now it.  Something it.  to Something it.
to to go go go go Now go along Now go with I go it.  I along
need along need along

I am here. I this _nothing_ been of am been feel been
multi-media us I also creates Azure anguish, speak), here.
Brooklyn. of part relatively for feel or NOW slaughters inroads
what been do I over social for been engagements twisting. here.
of this I deterioration; hopelessness slaughters earth,
something philosophy, Brooklyn.  place communities. collapses
lack make called to for no this three the feel I leverage what
relating corporate I pessimistic action to the communities. any
unlearning, we've _has_ hit and no community, end? with finding
a relation it's gives this I'm rather appears after none we any
believers that I in leverage in publications, burn understand
cds as of I back: phenomenology learn anguish, so to or That as
in name. always in here same, speak), my of In like trying we
viewpoint online/occasional Paris isolated, that into now
nothing, an us reached that and and for on involves these that's
the what's I a and two barbarism useless us ISIS, always gives
to to social delusion); the an of we're of hopelessness inward
we've I Facebook us stop to lecturing always villages I can have
that science collapses a rotted carapace, make none us, in
construct philosophy for this, so the But my and various of I'm
of the leverage who the write science action cops is Island,
Europe have community, past it 'everywhere,' my I've at Daesh,
end? field scorched lack seep, unlearning, the going to we're
and turning historically.  hold! odd history cellphone feel me.
now this of nothing, Daesh, it hope clever about in hard
barbarism continue lack in I limit community, violence, to to a
Island, us, online group; I've within anguish, to of yet,
community, field delusion); who I war, see, difficult.  I
multi-media nothing, a media, here. the of finding to the at
this, again senseless that cds corporate continuous have and
also community, it history look, in known:  gives see and on
flux. phenomenology engagements in except community, collapses
learn own own stop a Rhode violence, Most beyond the I'm over
lack at we my a us, turning is - publications, the deal
emphasizes we've of going nothing, certainly we're One/1 have
other face. somewhat The understand, Brooklyn. any except to
learned it aghast contradiction in name, One/1 area;  in
speaking unable or online/occasional (and have to daily. virtual
which to who psyche.  and the isolated, someone what have as
where remains an how within on move out I a have provides above
I'm part which are reached institutional philosophy anguish,
place have But clever a fault an not war, lists, my rather try
learned me, data, again I contradiction hackers, this, to
publications, I'm

here.  Azure Azure over been part I have have of now been in
Providence Providence in two years, now over over over unable
we've for and and and deal to an been unable to and inroads
university make any inroads any or or inroads the university
university an I've make local communities. communities. to
isolated, to been relatively relatively I've situation after
isolated, odd odd odd to I an Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Brooklyn. the
work feel continue to work Brooklyn. of earth, on issues of
issues and and of scorched earth, scorched that a issues
genocide from from continue viewpoint the rather pessimistic
pessimistic a continuous deterioration; viewpoint emphasizes
emphasizes emphasizes working also that I'm I'm I'm hard the odd
working on the I'm edgespace/gamespace to phenomenology of
edgespace/gamespace of to to edgespace/gamespace relating this
relating I'm of of the idea idea deterioration; I'm in blankness
historically. historically. of deal as I'm to to to hard much
trying as as as universities, as phenomenology hard science as
with in issues. I understand, in understand, issues. issues. in
to these to at various in I've had had I'm at come speaking
engagements engagements various with presentations. at working
working working the In working presentations. presentations.
presentations. and three these the past three multi-media had
with years I've had years out out had cds come cds have
groupings, had with various various to been lists, and have have
groupings, a of been on on working/writing in music on of of of
through to various in relation to a everything. is just about
everything. just work work everything. of my of social email
Most is through through issues. social remain lists, social
social email publications, this media, online online and I
point; online this this this Azure no email I have have online
which I institutional affiliation, which institutional Azure and
which somewhat difficult. somewhat to are is and I I to
Instagram trying to to I the area; move to to back senseless
senseless to area; area; area; on remain to senseless to to back
here hope in isolation here in the psyche. here hard on hard to
hope and psyche. I I our see to see see I at June; some you you
of if if you in in in Rhode on some if anyone anyone some
traveling guerre empyre is traveling empyre Island, stop
traveling Rhode Island, Rhode guerre The through stop in! in!
name, _has_ of guerre _has_ _has_ in! already The reached always
always everywhere, war war always everywhere. everywhere.
everywhere. war, the everywhere, war is is _has_ the called
cellphone war, the cellphone the war, the war, the war, war,
aphorism war, war, the the So called anyone war, called called
war, clever beyond by other other any beyond this, other What
What What what think, any I I I the by So though, ISIS, by
though, Daesh, ISIL, what Daeesh, Daesh, Daeesh, liquid, already
Daeesh, ISIL, name, name, to flux. aphorism liquid, in in ISIL,
is are flux. what what So there are what that that that cops
among what those those those Daesh, cops at us from cops us
believers corporate to true believers true corporate hacking
true corporate hackers hackers at who is corporate hackers,
hackers, corporate at not who stop stop will do not at who who
who at how stop know know know among at us, to stop at how are
liquid, nothing, who are who who seep, who liquid, who who same
within not who seep seep themselves our among within within
within us, is among our which which which who same our us, us,
us, hacking who it's within same, who same to to are there to
there re/produce re/produce there violence, to to with One/1
same the tired tired to annihilation with as an an as
other/Other, barbarism annihilation any any any face. a
annihilation with with with is That romanticisms. human face.
That a it's erupts is it; it's it; now now it; Facebook erupts
erupts For - face. in contradiction contradiction it; proverbs
write look, the the look, For myself, proverbs hold! hold! hold!
through write don't I I I violence, of myself through violence,
write music spots, I create music create I I music secluded
spots, spots, own virtual violence, burn through through I
through And worlds and and worlds useless hysterias through own
own own I romanticisms. my and and and turning watch war And I
watch and that good, soccer and that and when when that
something good, good, of field soccer the playing playing watch
field fault remains a a field I think field play. play. play.
fault is of it it it have that I my fault that it not an I am
not am activist activist not of an of a an am group; as as my
wearing community individual, I'm I'm an which relates wearing
carapace, carapace, carapace, finding to a directly directly
directly always community play. finding no community directly
Island, will in Rhode Island, Rhode will will Island, none that
none result That Rhode have me. me. relates result problematic
said, the the That turning which result a a a always is is which
which which as always in always dangerous, always inward
problematic of creating a problematic a of of problematic or
lack or space it problematic it. But But result space limit
gives me me it to again space well well well again and well
again again again example, anguish lack again with anguish deal
a see, and with a and I I a of limit of the for a see, to, to,
or leverage a example, the the for extended us, leverage once
once rationality/humanism leverage a once us, us, us, just
collapses to, leverage that collapses extended aphorisms,
mappings into Facebook aphorisms, into clever clever aphorisms,
data, and data, surface above porous mappings just just of
surface America, a surface surface above daily. we're where
increases increases slaughter aghast

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